What is a pendulum and how to use it for guidance or spiritual healing

In this guide, we will teach you the basics of using this spiritual tool and recommend the best pendulums to buy.


by Ellen Kinsey |

Pendulums are beautiful, powerful tools that can help with energy healingmeditation, divination and dowsing. We all possess the inherent power of intuition, but pendulums are valuable tools that help us tap into that to find the answers you already have within you. What is a pendulum? In this guide, we will teach you the basics of using this spiritual tool and provide the answers.

For energy healing practices, a pendulum with Chakra stones and crystals would be suitable as each material provides unique properties that can intensify the work you do with your pendulum. Are you looking to find one for dowsing purposes? A wooden pendulum would work best.

What are pendulums, and how do they work?

Pendulums are objects used for spiritual practices such as connecting to intuition, asking questions, and healing. They are made from various materials, including crystals, wood, glass, and metals.

So how does it work? A pendulum uses your inner energy combined with direction from your spirit guides to answer yes or no questions. It is designed to help you gain clarity and better understand certain situations.

You can then ask your pendulum straightforward or complex questions. Typical topics to ask a pendulum include life, love, health, your career, and money.

In terms of healing, crystal pendulums can be used for unblocking chakras and blocking chakra energies. As the pendulum acts as an amplifier for the energy to flow fluidly throughout the body, it provides good information in determining your chakra for your decision-making process. The pendulum also acts as a divination tool to help find blockages in the energetic body.

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What types of pendulums are there?

Wooden pendulums: Wooden pendulums are simpler than crystal pendulums as they aren’t affected by energies surrounding them. They are only affected by the energy of the person holding the pendulum, making them ideal if you are searching for answers but need further healing.

Crystal pendulums: Excellent for healing purposes, crystal pendulums are more complex as each type of crystal has a different kind of energy. While crystal pendulums are best for healing, they can also reveal answers to you. Crystal pendulums can provide you with reliable guidance with proper care and cleansing.

Metal pendulums: Whatever your question, whatever your troubles, your subconscious mind knows the answers best, and a metal pendulum knows how to tell you the answers. Sterling silver and copper are the two highest energy conductive materials that exist. A pendulum made with metal is predictable and sensitive to subtle energy vibrations.

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How to use a pendulum: a step-by-step guide

Cleanse: Just like crystals, it is essential to take proper care of your pendulums by cleansing them. Before you ask your pendulum anything, you will want to purify them, especially if it is a crystal that has absorbed any bad energy on its way to you. Crystals pick up on energies from different sources - you will want to ensure that you start with a clear channel so that the results are accurate. You’ll also want to ensure you’re relaxed and have cleared your mind to strengthen the connection.

You can use sage to clear the energies, leave it outside under a full moon, let it rest in sea salt (if the material or crystal is water and salt resistant) or even hold it under cold tap water.

Prepare your questions: If you are using your pendulum to ask a question or are looking for clarity or guidance, make sure you formulate clear and concise questions. It is always good to have a few questions prepared around the subject to help you gain as much insight as possible. It is good to note that the pendulum might not always work – this can be shown as a separate directional swing, or the pendulum might remain still.

Learn how the pendulum moves: It is good to know what directions the pendulums swing when working with pendulums.

They swing in vertical straight lines, horizontal straight lines, and in circular movements. It can be done side-by-side, front and back, clockwise and counter clockwise.

Once you know this, you can use the pendulum. Find somewhere comfortable to sit and clear your mind. Ground yourself by taking a few deep breaths, and then hold the pendulum in your dominant hand with the chain or top link between your thumb and index finger.

Now you can define the directional swings and assign each direction to a response. For example, ask your pendulum – what does ‘yes’ mean and then what does ‘no’ mean. Asking these questions to your pendulum will help define the swings.

Using the pendulum: Once you have learnt what is ‘yes’ and what is ‘no’ , you should start by asking the pendulum questions you already know the answer too. For example, ask ‘is this my name’ or ‘do I live in (your city)’. It will help you connect with the pendulum and get to know its directional swings and how it will communicate with you.

Remain open: Using a pendulum is about being at ease and in a flow state. When you are meditating, allow the pendulum to communicate freely with you. The more open you are to receive, the easier you and the pendulum can communicate.

Remember it’s a tool: The best way to use a pendulum is to remember that it is a tool and your ability to connect is already in you - you already have your answers. A pendulum is a tool that will help you connect to your intuition.

So now that you know the basics, let’s deep dive into these magical apparatuses that will help your growth, divination and energetic healing.

The best pendulums to buy 2022

Wood pendulums

Wooden Scrying Dowsing Pendulums

Best wood pendulum
Wooden pendlum

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These beautiful hand-turned and polished wood pendulums are available in holly, oak, ash, yew, cherry and holly. Each type of tree holds its own meaning - with the 'oak' being the mighty and most powerful of trees, it will offer protection to even the beginner truth-seekers - while 'cherry' is a heartfelt wood, which is lovely for working with compassion and forgiveness.
These tools are a beautiful way to tune into your intuition. All come with a little homemade pouch for safekeeping and a note from the seller.

Review: "I'm over the moon with my pendulum and feel a real connection to it. It is beautiful and so well made and more than worth the money. Joan enclosed a lovely note which I keep with my pendulum in the little bag that it came in. Postage was super fast, and communication was excellent. If you're tempted by a pendulum, then I can highly recommend these; they are gorgeous. Mine has already answered a few questions for me, and that has bought me real peace of mind."

JSDDE 7 Chakra Reiki Healing Dowsing Crystal Pendulum

Best chakra healing crystal pendulum
Rainbow pendlum

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Our chakras are energy centres that flow from one to the next; blockages in one chakra can disrupt the flow of energy to our other chakras - through this, our vital life force energy is unable to flow freely within us. By removing blockages within our chakras - we can create a better connection through our entire physical and energetic bodies.

This pendulum is an excellent tool to use for reiki healing as it uses seven chakra healing stones: amethyst for our crown chakra, lapis lazuli for our third eye, blue rhinestone for our throat chakra, green aventurine for our heart, tiger eye for our solar plexus, orange rhinestone or the sacral chakra and carnelian for our root chakra.

Review: "Beautiful, worthy and great product to work with. Good weight and accurate in readings."

Crystal pendulums

Crystal Pendulums: Tigers Eye Pendulum, Amethyst Pendulum, Sodalite Pendulum, Aventurine Pendulum, Quartz Pendulum, Rose Quartz Pendulum

Crystal pendlum

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This high-quality crystal pendulum comes on a 15cm chain and in seven different crystals that fit the chakra system. Choose the ones that resonate with you most.

Review: "Gorgeous pendulum, fast delivery with that extra personal touch. Thank you."

Metal pendulums

Shreeyantra Copper Pendulum

Copper pendlum

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Sterling silver and copper are the two highest energy conductive materials that exist. A pendulum made with either is reliable and consistently sensitive to subtle energy vibrations in a way other metals are not. Copper, in its pure form, is a high-energy conductive element of earth. However, it is not a precious metal and can be more accessible than silver. Copper is the metal that powers modern electronic technology. Copper is a metal known to conduct, balance and amplify healing energies.

The weighed copper pendulum is around nine inches long, fitted onto a chain, and is perfect for divination, chakra testing and spiritual healing. The pendant also opens up so you can place different crystals inside.

Review: "Absolutely beautiful! So happy I purchased it. It has a nice weight to it and was easy to program. The pointed tip makes it easy to figure out what letter or number it is pointing to on the pendulum chart I use. Oh, I asked if it was 100% copper, and it said “yes”. No fake metals here."

Goddess Pendulum Handcrafted in Solid 925 Sterling Silver 

Silver Pendulum

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When working with a pendulum, you're working with energy and light, and silver is the most energy-conductive metal on the planet. As a pendulum is a frequently used tool for Lightworkers, silver is the best metal for working with light - be it physical, energetic, or divine.

Handcrafted using solid 925 sterling silver with a goddess design, it also features an opening to store a stone or your favourite spell.

Review: "I absolutely love this shop! The item quality is top-notch, and I can't wait to buy from this shop again!

Egyptian Goddess Isis 4 step Brass Pendulum with Dowsing Charts and Gift Pouch

Isis brass pendlum

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The Goddess Isis Pendulum has four 'batteries', has a witness chamber and can be dismantled in two pieces, which are small enough to be worn as a jewellery piece.

It generates a strong white aura and can be used for healing. The seller says it's self-cleaning and is a versatile pendulum for checking compatibility with food, allergy sensitivity tests, map dowsing or general dowsing.

Review: "This pendulum is top class. You can feel the energy radiating from it went you hold it in your hand. This is a great pendulum for the beginner or advanced. I can’t recommend it enough. Great seller too."

Pendulum dousing accessories

Pendulum Board 

Pendlum board

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This pendulum board is laser carved on genuine Portuguese cork leather, which is 100 per cent vegan and eco-friendly and perfect for asking questions that need a more concise answer. It can be rolled up for easy transportation and 'divination on the go'. There are two sizes available: small (15cm) or large (21.5cm).

Review: "Way more beautiful than I expected! It’s nice and compact, easy to carry around if needed. Thin and lightweight. Very well made. Highly recommend!!!"

A Beginner's Guide to Pendulum Dowsing

Pendlum dousing book

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If you are a beginner in dowsing, this book will guide you in selecting and programming your pendulum, introduce you to the various ways you can work with a dowsing pendulum and how you can include it in your everyday life.

Review: "Fabulous book for beginners. I’ve had a pendulum for years but was unsure how to utilise it fully. I read the book back to back for 2.5 hrs. I couldn’t put it down. I’ll be implementing my pendulum into daily life as of now. I would recommend."

If you're unsure what turn to take in life and are looking for guidance, a pendulum will aid you with decision-making and achieving your life goals by helping you tap into your spirituality. Here is a video on how you can get accurate answers when using a pendulum.

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