Sound therapy instruments: from singing bowls to tuning forks

We spoke to Farzana Ali, a sound practitioner also known as "The Sound Therapist" to learn about the benefits of sound healing.


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Sound therapy instruments have long been revered for their profound healing capabilities. Sound therapy, an ancient practice rooted in various cultures, has become a valuable alternative medicine in recent years. This is not just due to the soothing sounds these instruments produce but how they interact with our bodies and minds. When played, these instruments activate our parasympathetic nervous system, signalling our body to enter a state of rest.

There are many different types of healing instruments, from gongs to tuning forks and in this guide, we break down ten different instruments that have unique benefits. From drums, hand pan drums, gongs, singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks and more.

Best sound therapy instruments at a glance

• Best for physical healing: Dreld 528 Hz Tuning Fork with Silicone Hammer and Bag - View on Amazon UK
• Best for meditation: Hand Beaten Lingam Singing Bowl - View on Etsy
• Best for Chakra alignment: 432Hz Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl with Mallet & O-Rings - View on Etsy
• Best for grounding: Handcrafted Shaman Drum - View on Etsy

Each instrument has a specific healing quality and resonance. You may have heard of the crystal singing bowls, which can help balance and unblock chakras. Meanwhile, the Tibetan singing bowl is great for any meditation practice. There are also drums with rhythmic beats, which ground us, reminding us of the heartbeat of Mother Gaia.

When it comes to sound healing instruments, it's not just about feeling them but connecting with them and allowing their sounds to guide you. So, if you are interested in journeying with sound, here are our picks of the best sound therapy instruments. Also, if you want to dive deeper, check out our conversation below with Farzana Ali, a sound practitioner also known as The Sound Therapist, to learn more about the benefits of sound healing and more.

Best sound therapy instruments

Best for physical healing

Dreld 528 Hz Tuning Fork with Silicone Hammer and Bag
Price: £13.39


The Dreld 528 Hz Tuning Fork is designed for sound therapy, meditation, and relaxation. Its pure


  • High-quality alloy
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes with a bag


  • Might require some practice for beginners.

Best for meditation

Hand Beaten Lingam Singing Bowl
Price: £26.99+


This Hand-Beaten Lingam Singing Bowl adds to your spiritual and wellness rituals. The special


  • Complete with a cushion and mallet
  • Crafted with precision and care
  • Lingham shape is unique and healing


  • Unique tones may not be for everyone

Best for Chakra alignment

Price: £67.49+


This set of singing bowls from SoundGalaxy on Etsy features different pitch sounds associated with


  • Associated with the chakras
  • Comes with a mallet
  • Beautiful sound


  • Low in stock

Best crystal singing bowl for experts


This set of singing bowls features embellishments of the Chakra symbols and the colours that


  • Associated with the chakras
  • Beautiful sound
  • Popular item


  • Only one left

Best melodic drum

LOMUTY Hand Pan Drum

Rrp: £279.00

Price: £279.00


Find harmony and deeply restorative sound healing with the LOMUTY Hand Pan Drum. This 22-inch


  • There are two colour choices: blue and gold
  • Ten notes design. 
  • Comes with bag


  • Requires practice

Best for closing the space


The Gear4music 14" Gong is a great sound-healing instrument for your repertoire. With its powerful


  • Authentic tones
  • Versatile use
  • Complete with beater and hanging strap.


  • It doesn't come with a stand

Best for grounding

Handcrafted Shaman Drum
Price: £150.53+


Ground yourself with the ancient rhythms using this handcrafted Shaman drum. Available in three


  • High-quality materials
  • Includes specially crafted beater,
  • Easy for beginners


  • Might require regular tensioning for optimal sound

Best for decoration and healing


Many people use wind chimes outside as they find their sounds soothing, without even knowing their


  • Dual functionality
  • Soothing sounds
  • Decorative


  • Not strictly a musical instrument to play

Best for cleansing the space

Handmade Tibetan Buddhist Tingsha Bells Super Sound Healing tools
Price: £14.99+


Tingsha bells are another powerful Tibetan sound healing instrument. They are often used in prayer


  • Deep, long-lasting sound
  • Versatile use
  • Engraved with mantras.


  • Only two sizes

Best for children

17-key Kalimba African Peach Wood Thumb Piano
Price: £17.44+ (was £34.88+)


The Kalimba, a delightful thumb piano, offers a soothing sound reminiscent of a music box. Crafted


  • Variation of keys
  • Easy to play
  • High-quality materials
  • Portable
  • Comes with a personalisation option


  • Might require tuning adjustments over time

Best soothing sound


The Pearl 24'' Bamboo Rainstick recreates the mesmerising sound of falling rain. In traditional


  • Authentic rain sound
  • Suitable for various musical applications
  • Unique burned finish.

Buyer's guide: Sound therapy instruments

Farzana Ali, a sound practitioner also known as "The Sound Therapist", has broken down how sound healing works and how to use sound healing on yourself.

How can sound heal the body?

"Sound healing has many mental, emotional and physical benefits. It works by activating your parasympathetic nervous system (this is your rest and digest response) and, in doing so, slows down your breath rate, your heart rate and even your blood pressure", Farzana tells us. "The slow sound waves from the instruments also slow down your brainwaves to ease you into a deeply restful trance-like state. All of this sends a signal to your body that you are safe and therefore allows you to fully relax."

"True healing happens when we are relaxed, and the body is not in fight or flight mode. The restful state that a sound bath induces allows the brain to process your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. It also gives the body a chance to repair itself, something which is inhibited by stress hormones such as cortisol. The result is that you feel more rested, relaxed and less anxious."

Can you do sound healing on yourself?

"Yes and no. If you are playing an instrument, then I don’t believe you can. This is because, when you are playing an instrument, you are still “thinking”, your brain is still engaged. You’re not fully letting go to the sounds you can hear."

"However, singing, chanting, humming and even gargling – utilises the most powerful sound instrument we have – our voices."

Our voice is often overlooked as an instrument, even though it is the most versatile tool that we can use, so it’s essential to remember how powerful it can be. Vocal Toning and chanting are two simple ways to get started using your voice for healing. Here is what Farzana has to say on this:

"When we sing, chant and hum – we are able to stimulate the vagus nerve. This cranial nerve makes up a huge part of our parasympathetic nervous system – so stimulating it increases what’s known as our vagal tone. A stronger vagal tone allows you to bounce back quicker from stressful events. The less stress in your life, the healthier you will become."

If you want to enjoy a more traditional form of sound healing at home, then listening to audio – such as the free one included with Farzana's upcoming book that is available for pre-order: Sound Healing: How to Use Sound to Beat Stress & Anxiety.

Tips for using crystal singing bowls and other sound healing instruments?

Crystal singing bowls are pretty expensive, so unless you are a sound therapist, then it is a hefty investment. Instead, I would invest in chimes and hang them up by a window; with the breeze, you’ll get to enjoy the calming sounds without any effort.

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