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On your spiritual journey, you may have come across a singing bowl. Or, perhaps, once on a retreat, your soul was soothed by the velvety tones from a sound therapy instrument. Did it quieten your mind? With historic roots in the Himalayan region, these healing instruments are thought to have been used for rituals and ceremonies. Today, they are used in a sound-based practice or in yoga classes.

Himalayan singing bowls are said to promote relaxation, as well as guide you through practices deeper – with the potential of healing, too. So, if you've been feeling run down lately, with stress getting the better of you, consider sound healing to enhance your current spiritual practice. Long used by Buddhist monks, they have been adopted by modern wellness practitioners. Investing in your own crystal singing bowl could help with your relaxation in the domestic sphere.

Best singing bowls at a glance:

Best signing bowl for beginners: Hand Beaten Singing Bowl - View Offer on Etsy UK
Budget-friendly singing bowl: Tibetan Singing Bowl - View Offer on Amazon UK
Best crystal singing bowl: Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl - View Offer on Etsy UK
Best singing bowl for meditation: Meinl 700g Energy Singing Bowl - View Offer at Gear4Music

Singing bowls, with their enigmatic origins, produce calming tones and vibrations when struck or stroked with a mallet. They come in various materials, with metal and crystal being common. In the case of crystal bowls, crushed crystal is moulded into the bowl's distinctive shape. If you prefer a different frequency or vibration, consider a hand pan, with beautiful and calming sounds that will promote harmony and reduce stress. Sound therapy works wonders – and really does heal.

On the other hand, tuning forks are another healing pick, ideal for those of us craving an invigorating physical (and spiritual) healing experience. With soothing tones, sounds and vibrations, it’s no surprise that singing bowls have stood the test of time. Below, we answer questions about these beautiful instruments, such as what they are, what they're used for and where they originate. We'll also be looking at where to buy these instruments and rounding up the best ones that we can find.

Best Singing Bowls UK 2023

Best Lingam singing bowl

Hand Beaten Lingam Singing Bowl
Price: £26.99+

Delve into the world of sound healing with this Hand-Beaten Lingam Singing Bowl. This artisanal masterpiece, crafted with meticulous care, enriches your spiritual and wellness rituals. The unique feature in the bowl's middle gives it a unique sound, too. When played, it releases soothing harmonics that promote relaxation and meditation, creating a serene atmosphere. Suitable for all levels, you can use it for rituals, meditation, chakra balancing and yoga.

Customer Review: "The bowl arrived in great condition and has been incredibly soothing to use."


  • Complete with a cushion and mallet
  • Crafted with precision and care
  • Lingham shape is unique and healing


  • Unique tones may not be for everyone

Best singing bowl set

You can experience the resplendent richness of the Meinl Therapy Singing Bowl Set. Crafted through traditional Indian methods, these bowls produce beautiful and harmonious tones. With reinforced rims transitioning from high to deep tones and impressive sustain, they're perfect for meditation and therapy. Setting up and striking these bowls in sequence creates captivating harmonies. Each bowl is hand-decorated, and they offer ease of play.


  • Designed for meditation and sound therapy workers
  • Handcrafted in India with traditional methods for authenticity
  • Long sustain singing bowl with high and low tones


  • Not in stock, available to order

Best signing bowl for beginners

Hand Beaten Singing Bowl , Tibetan, Himalayan Gupla Singing Bowl for Meditation, Sound, Peace and Love, Mindfulness YogaChakra Healing UK
Price: £17.99+

Palm-sized for comfort, why not upgrade your meditation and relaxation with this Hand Beaten Singing Bowl? Crafted with precision, this exquisite bowl resonates with rich, soothing tones when played with the included mallet. Its authentic Tibetan gupla design and craftsmanship add to its charm. Ideal for stress relief and mindfulness practices, this singing bowl creates a tranquil atmosphere. A perfect addition to any beginner's journey with sound healing...

Customer Review: "Not only is the seller extremely responsive, but the product quality is excellent! This makes for a lovely gift, and I love the little patterned details on the bowl itself. It comes with a little ‘cushion’ for the bowl to sit on, which is a lovely addition. Thank you so much, will definitely be purchasing more in the future."


  • Hammered into a perfect palm-sized bowl
  • Complete with a cushion and mallet
  • Ideal for spreading positive and peaceful energy


  • Unspecified sound range

Best singing bowl for yoga

Deepen your yoga practice with the Sela Harmony Singing Bowl. This elegant bowl offers a harmonious overtone spectrum, enveloping your yoga space in serene sounds. Use the classic felt mallet head or mallet handle to produce soothing tones while the included felt ring enhances vibrations. Blending quality and aesthetics with a matte-style finish and engraving, this bowl includes a cotton bag, felt mallet and friction wood handle. Immersive and healing.


  • Elegant engravings provide a unique aesthetic
  • The felt ring allows for optimum vibration
  • Projects broad and harmonious tones


  • No customer reviews yet

Budget-friendly singing bowl

Transform your meditation and mindfulness practice with the Tibetan Singing Bowl. Crafted for optimal resonance and ease of use, this singing bowl set includes a mallet and cushion. The authentic Tibetan design ensures a rich, soothing sound that enhances relaxation and focus. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to meditation, this singing bowl is a rich cultural exchange. Immerse yourself in the serene tones and vibrations of Tibetan tradition...

Customer Review: "Really good value! It looks and sounds great. Anyone who can't get this bowl to sing is not doing it right (unless you got a defective one). The girl who gave it a 1 star review and recorded a video, for example. She's using it on a carpet which will absorb the vibrations and is trying to run the mallet on the inside rim… Quality is really nice and I love the little pillow. I'll definitely be buying a bigger one."


  • Hand-hammered old antique design
  • With silk cushion and a wooden leather mallet
  • Simple, effective and enjoyable bowl


  • May take some time to get used to

Best Naga singing bowl

Tibetan Naga Singing Bowl
Price: £138.43 (was £184.57)

This singing bowl has a 6.5-inch diameter and creates profound relaxation with its beautiful tones and purifies your space and spirit as it dissipates negative energy. Embarking on a journey of sound therapy doesn't have to be overwhelming - and your healing journey could begin with something authentic, complete with a mallet, striker and cushion for a deep, enduring resonance.

Customer Review: "I highly recommend the seller."


  • Immersive vibrations cleanse negative energy
  • Comes complete with a mallet, striker and cushion
  • Deep relaxation with beautiful sound


  • No product-specific reviews

Japanese-inspired sonic singing bowls

Our most unusual pick, the Meinl Sonic Energy Zen Singing Bowl Set, is perfect for sound signalling in meditation. Comprising three compact Zen singing bowls, this group are complete with felt coasters, cloth bags for portability, and a mallet. Drawing inspiration from Japanese singing bowls, these instruments produce fine, crystal-clear tones. Crafted from a special cast alloy, they ensure both remarkable durability and a high-pitched, pristine resonance for serenity.


  • Based on Japanese singing bowls
  • Ideal for meditation
  • Durable cast alloy construction


  • No customer reviews yet!

Best five-piece singing bowl set

Venture on a transcendent journey with the Meinl 5-Piece Universal Singing Bowl Set. These bowls produce captivating tones, perfect for enhancing meditation and yoga sessions, creating a serene atmosphere. Strike the bowl's side for a gentle, fading chime or circle the rim for a sustained resonance. This set allows you to harmonize all five bowls, creating a musically rich and versatile experience. Choose between the two striking mallets for different tones.


  • Great value handcrafted set for sound healing classes
  • Produces pure harmonic resonance for peace and relaxation
  • Includes mallets, covers and felt rings for ease


  • No customer reviews yet

Best crystal singing bowl

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 432Hz
Price: £107.66+

For those of you interested in experiencing the harmonious tones of a crystal bowl, consider the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl we found on Etsy. Another high-quality choice, with a huge range of options and Chakra notes to choose from, this crystal singing bowl is capable of balancing your body with a charming resonance that will instantly calm you. You can add a personalisation on your mallet and choose whether you'd like it to come with a carry bag option or not.

Customer Review: "I am so grateful for the experience I had with TOFOU. It's even better than I expected. The sound is so healing, hypnotizing & calm. The personalization of the mallet makes the whole service complete. If you've got any doubts about ordering a singing bowl from Ella; I hope I took away your worries because there's no need to have them."


  • All musical notes available for Chakra
  • Mallet can be personalised with text
  • Can choose added carry bag option


  • Delivery may take a while

Best Ultabati singing bowl

Tibetan Ultabati Singing Bowl
Price: £264.21

This Tibetan Ultabati Singing Bowl boasts calming, sustained low tones crafted by 4 or 5 skilled artisans for music, grain storage, and ceremonies. Forged from seven metals representing celestial bodies, it serves meditation, music, and chakra cleansing, with a leather striker included. Hand-hammered in Nepal, it carries craftsmanship marks, emanating enduring tranquillity—a Himalayan gem for handmade bowl enthusiasts. Authentic and beautiful.

Customer Review: "It was exactly as ordered, beautiful in sight and sound. The delivery was faster than I imagined and the craftsmanship is stunning."


  • Soothing effect with low tones and long sustainability
  • A real handmade bowl from the Himalayas
  • A leather striker is included with this singing bowl


  • May be too heavy fro some

Best giant singing bowl

After a busy day, tap or strike the Meinl Giant Series Singing Bowl to unlock its spiritual benefits, adjusting the force for the desired resonance, or circle the rim for a consistent, meditative chime. Crafted using traditional methods, its pure tones create a serene atmosphere - from yoga to sound therapy. The bellied design, achieved through extensive hammering, improves resonance, making it ideal for spiritual realignment during deep meditation. Ambient...


  • Larger singing bowls for deeper meditation
  • Fill any room with deep ambient tones
  • Sourced from high-grade metals for ambience


  • No customer reviews yet
  • Not in stock, available to order

Best singing bowl for meditation

Ideal for meditation and sound massages, the Meinl 700g Energy Singing Bowl captivates with its hypnotic, enduring resonance, guiding you into profound inner tranquillity through entrancing tones. This versatile bowl offers two primary methods of use: circling the exterior with a resonant mallet for focused resonance or striking the side for louder, harmonious sounds with a gradual release. Made from bronze alloy, it ensures pure and consistent tones.


  • Produces long, entrancing tones for tranquillity
  • Handcrafted by artisans in India from bronze alloy
  • A pure, consistent tone, ideal for meditation


  • No customer reviews yet

Verdict: Which is the best?

The Hand Beaten Singing Bowl from Etsy is not only our pick for beginners but our top pick overall.

Buyers Guide

Thanks to Shanti Bowl, we have a healing guide on how to choose a singing bowl. Though it is believed that there are around 50 types of healing bowls, we won’t be taking you through as many – and guiding you through the most popular seven or eight styles. Things that can differ between types are country of origin (from Nepal, Tibet, India or Mongolia), style, size and sound range.

Old vs. New

Both old and new bowls have their pros and cons, says Shanti Bowl, as Ancient Tibetan bowls are widely accepted as antiques and “must be authenticated for their age and quality.” Though many newer bowls made today may look aged, authentic antiques are distinguished by look and sound.

Older bowls will feature “thinner layers of metal on the bottom than newer bowls.” However, do not let their condition put you off – as the signs of ageing are appreciated. After all, most of these bowls are going to be at least 100 years old. To be expected, older bowls sound richer and warmer than newer bowls. Newer bowls are louder, powerful, but “metallic and sharp,” says Shanti Bowl.

Consider your budget, too, as ancient bowls are investments – and will be considerably more expensive than newer bowls. This way, newer bowls are accessible and ideal for beginners.


Quality is determined by the sound it makes, as well as its build from metal. Hearing a sound clip or being able to play it for yourself will help check. Shanti Bowl says: “A high-quality bowl will be able to hold its vibration and produce several tones, harmonics and overtones. If the vibration sounds as if it’s “fluttering” away, the bowl is not high quality.” The time it takes to sing is irrelevant.

Sound and Feeling

As mentioned above, sound is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a singing bowl. Choose a bowl with an excellent bowl: “one that moves you and makes you feel something,” says Shanti Bowl. For this, observe how the sound affects your mind, soul and body. Are you moved?

Feeling the vibrations and tones – and them sitting well with you – is very important.

Consider the size of your bowl, too – and how it feels to play. Below, we list the different types of antique bowls you can grab online, all coming in different sizes and shapes. Ensure your new sound healing instrument sits comfortably in your hands – and that it’s not too heavy.s

You should look for a singing bowl that is as close to your perfect fit as possible, says Shanti Bowl.


How to make singing bowls sing

we have some tips and tricks to make your bowl sing – for beginners and advanced users. With a little practice, using a beautifully crafted sound healing tool will be nourishing for your soul.

Shanti Bowl says there are two ways to play:


This is arguably the easiest way to play a singing bowl, says Shanti Bowl, making it a “great introduction to playing the bowl and is suitable for all ages.” So, how is it done?

Once you have your bowl and mallet to hand, hold the bowl “in the palm of your non-dominant hand, and the mallet in your dominant hand.” Lightly strike your new bowl – with the padded side of the mallet. Make sure it hits to the bowl’s “mid-exterior wall.” Can you hear the rich tone?

Strike again once the “sound and vibrations fully dissipate.”


Patience is crucial, says Sahti Bowl, when mastering this technique. While this singing bowl technique may present initial challenges, consistent practice can lead to mastery. Invest some time into your new healing instrument...

Begin in a "relaxed seated position with a straight spine" and natural breath, says Shanti Bowl.

Same as striking, the bowl in your non-dominant hand and the mallet in your dominant hand. Grip the mallet "like a pen" with your thumb and forefinger, striking the bowl lightly on the exterior wall to warm it up.

Then, position the mallet vertically near the rim and immediately start circling clockwise to initiate the singing. Now - maintain this full-arm stirring motion for at least five rounds, says Shanti Bowl. Gradually apply more pressure as the clear female overtone emerges, sustaining the sweet and clear sound.

Advanced Techniques

Perhaps, you have questions such as: can you put water in a singing bowl? Yes - you can. Adding a "small amount of water to the bowl produces a very special sound reminiscent of dolphins singing," says Shanti Bowl. You can read about the technique further in their how to play a singing bowl guide.

What are the benefits of singing bowls?

Stress Reduction

Meditation Aids

Chakra Balancing

Improved Sleep

Pain Relief

Enhanced Emotional Well**-**being

Sound Healing

Mind-Body Connection

Cultural and Spiritual Significance

Where did singing bowls originate?

Singing bowls originated in the Himalayan region, with their roots deeply intertwined with the spiritual and cultural traditions of Tibet, Nepal, India, and Bhutan. These ancient and resonant instruments have played a significant role in the spiritual practices and rituals of these Himalayan cultures for centuries, offering a profound connection to meditation, healing, and inner harmony.

Do singing bowls hurt cat or dog ears?

Rumble says: "Singing bowls won't hurt the dogs' ears." After all, our furry friends have super hearing and "singing bowls do not have any negative effect. They may have just the opposite."

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