Finding the best non-slip yoga mat for your practice

We’re here to help with our top picks – no matter your style or budget.

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Spirit and Destiny are big believers in the healing powers of spiritual practice – such as yoga. After all, practising yoga is a great aid for your wellbeing and tapping into your spiritual side. Do you want to perfect that downward-facing dog but have trouble finding a yoga mat that stays still? If so, we’re here to help you discover your inner yogi with the best non-slip yoga mat for your workouts.

What do I need to look for in a non-slip yoga mat?

If you’re looking for a non-slip mat, you need to find a mat made from non-slip fabric. To clarify, this will ensure that you stay stable, supported, and grounded during those challenging poses.

Next – padding. You want a mat that is thick, cushioned, and comfortable for your practice. However, if you want to feel more grounded and connected to the Earth in your yoga, consider a thinner material with a grip.

Of course, balance is a big aspect of yoga. You want to feel secure and supported during those longer and trickier poses. You want to be able to hold them, whether they’re gratuitous or focused on the breath. With this, comes the task of finding a material that will support even the wobbliest of yogis.

On the go? Wanting to go on yoga retreats in the future? Travelling with your yoga mat should be easy. Look out for the mats that come with a handy, carry strap. We love them!

The best non-slip yoga mats for your practice

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned yogi, we’ve popped together some of our favourites for home workouts, classes, and retreats.

Best non-slip yoga mat

Crafted from eco-friendly rubber, this Extreme Grip mat from Yogi Bare is a favourite. Not only is it stable and perfect for a challenging warrior pose, but it's also soft and comfortable for savasana. Though it has no trusty travelling strap, this mat is a healthy choice if you want something non-slip for your sessions. Plus, it even has body alignment guidelines to help enhance your practice.

Not a fan of the Plum colour? Check out some more of these Extreme Grip mats.

Dimensions: L180 x W66 cm; D4mm Thick.

Pros: Eco-friendly rubber, anti-slip technology, velvety soft, body alignment guidelines

Cons: Heavy, no strap included, pricey

Review: “I got this to replace my much-loved lockdown yoga mat that had lost its grip. This is mat is excellent. My hands no longer slip when I am in downward dog and I have complete confidence when lunging during a Pilates class. The patterns are subtle enough not to distract me from my practice.”

Best for hot yoga

Love some hot yoga? Well, this is the perfect towel for you if you perspire. Simply, pop it on the top of your mat and it'll fit nicely into your Bikram and hot yoga. Not only does it absorb perspiration, but this towel provides a good grip.
If you're on the go from class to class, don't worry! It's easy to carry around, too.

Dimensions: L183 x W61 cm

Pros: Machine washable at 30°, different designs available, soft, absorbent

Cons: It's meant to be placed on top of a mat (not a mat itself), no strap included

Review: "The bottom side is non-slippery and the top side is soft and absorbent, perfect for hot temps and slippery floors as it absorbs sweat and doesn't move as you exercise. I've machine-washed it more than 10 times and it's still holding. The fabric side is only starting to look a bit 'used' after 7 months in specific spots but you'd have to know where to look. Overall, a very good product."

Editor's Choice

Namaste! Next, we have this non-slip option from M&S. Available in navy, dusty pink, or grey, this antibacterial yoga mat would make a long-lasting and fresh addition to your practice. Made with a non-slip texture, this choice comes with a handy carry strap - making it great for taking with you on the go.

Dimensions: L183 x W61cm; 60mm Thick

Pros: Comes with a travel strap, antibacterial, affordable

Cons: Slips a little on downward dog

Review: "Really pleased with my new mat. The non-slip is pretty effective. The mat is slim but compact and provides good cushioning. Love the pink colour and its great value."

Best cork non-slip yoga mat

This natural cork yoga mat is naturally non-slip. In fact, the grip will increases as you sweat. To sum up, this yoga mat is suitable for all types of yoga, pilates, fitness, stretching exercises, and even meditation. Plus, the top layer is antimicrobial, absorbent, and resistant to moisture. Perfect for preventing slips. It even comes with its own carry strap.

Dimensions: L183 x W61 cm; 4 or 5mm Thick

Pros: Eco-friendly material, antimicrobial, low maintenance, comes with carry strap

Cons: Heavy

Review: "You get a very good quality yoga mat. I really like how soft it feels. It is comfortable for working out and stretching. It comes with a strap that holds it together and makes it easier to carry. I’m 5’7 and it seems the perfect length for me. I think this mat is way thicker than other regular mats. I would definitely recommend getting this one."


Get a healthy yoga mat for yourself with this popular Amazon buy. Made from TPE, this mat contains no latex, PVC, or toxic materials. Lightweight, the design provides optimal grip, excellent cushioning, and double-sided non-slip texture. It's best suitable to practice many forms of yoga. No matter where you practice, it's guaranteed to stay put.

Dimensions: L183 x W61 cm; 60mm Thick

Pros: Thick and durable, mandala pattern, it comes with a travel strap

Cons: Hard to clean, not thick enough for pilates

Review: "I have had this mat for a year now. I use it every single day and there is not a single mark on it. Still in perfect condition. Really comfortable and durable. What a game changer compared to other mats I used in the past - which always got ruined and crumbled easily and quickly."

Best handwoven non-slip yoga mat
Handwoven Cotton Mat for Yoga
Price: £75.13+

We love this woven yoga mat from Etsy. With several designs to choose from, these handwoven cotton can even double up as floor rugs. They can be easily washed, lasting much longer than plastic or silicone. Even so, they get softer with every use and still give the support you need for your practice. Aren't the patterns beautiful? These mats are comfy and non-slip, just make sure to add the non-slip backing when you add it to your cart.

Dimensions: 75 x 25 inches; 6mm Thick

Pros: Handwoven, multiple designs, multipurpose, easy to clean

Cons: Non-slip felt back is an add-on, thin, expensive

Review: "Oh my gosh I LOVE this mat. I keep this one out in my home practice space and I have to say I love using this one more. My partner said it even looks amazing as a regular rug. It's such a nice addition to my practice space. Super happy with it. If you're on the fence I recommend taking the jump."

Budget non-slip yoga mat

Next, we have this lightweight yoga mat made from synthetic rubber material which is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and more moisture-resistant than PVC material. This is perfect to prevent body sliding during a sweaty workout. Plus, it has that handy double-sided non-slip texture, which provides grip on any surface. The high cushioning - from the thick foam structure - gives great comfort. It's very versatile and would suit most exercises and practices.

Dimensions: L188 x W61 cm; 1cm Thick

Pros: Cushioned, easy to clean, sweatproof and waterproof

Cons: Easily marked or damaged

Review: "Great texture, thick enough to work out on (yoga, stretching and floor work). Comes with a strap and is easy to wipe down. Love the colour and would definitely recommend it. Just now need to work on my downward dog!"

Personalised non-slip yoga mat
Personalised Non-Slip Yoga Mat
Price: £22.99+

Another pick from Etsy, we have this non-slip yoga mat which is personalisable. This comes in handy when you're not the only one practising in a class or on a retreat. Plus, it would make a great gift for a yogi loved one. It is the perfect extra thick yoga accessory with a great grip - essential for any practicing yogi.

Dimensions: L172 x W61 cm; 30mm Thick

Pros: Personalisable, multiples colours available

Cons: Thin

Review: "Lovely item! Was a lockdown present to my best friend and she sent me a picture of her with it on her birthday and she absolutely loved it! Cheered her up so much as she can’t go to the gym because of lockdown so now she can work out in style."

Non-slip yoga mat FAQs

What are the benefits of a good yoga mat?

Having a good yoga mat is important as it offers support for us. They’re perfect for staying stable, grounded, and balanced on a bumpy, slippery surface. Plus, they act as thick cushioning or padding for your joints. They save you and your yoga pants from those hard floors.

Do I need to clean my yoga mat?

Your yoga mat will need cleaning from time to time. If it's made from rubber, PVC, or foam, follow these instructions. Combine warm water and a few drops of washing-up liquid in a spray bottle. Then, spritz both sides of your mat and firmly scrub with a cloth. Furthermore, we would recommend doing this at least once a month.

To keep your yoga mat looking fresh in between your deep cleans, wipe down your mat every week or so. However, if you sweat a lot during your sessions, you will need to do this more often to ensure you keep your mat clean and free of bacteria. Some mats are antibacterial, but give it a wipe to be sure.

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