The best wall hangings to liven up your space

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Wall hangings are a great way to liven up a drab wall that needs a bit of love. If you don’t fancy getting your sketchbooks and overalls to paint your own mural, putting up a wall hanging with a pretty design is a fab alternative. At Spirit & Destiny, we’ve popped together the best wall hangings we think you’ll love.

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We're showcasing a variety from tapestries of glimmering star constellations to blooming wildlife. Take a look at our round-up and maybe you’ll find the perfect wall hanging for your home.

The best wall hangings for your home

If you need something a little on the vintage side, we couldn’t recommend this sun tapestry enough. Bold, bright and fierce, this wall hanging will light up any space. You’ll be burning up on good vibes!

Care: 100 per cent polyester, handwash with warm water

Dimensions: 150 x 130cm

Bohemian Psychedelic Peacock Mandala Tapestry
Price: $16.99

These gorgeous Mandala tapestries are imported from India. Hand-printed to order in a wide range of colours and sizes, your preferences are – undoubtedly - covered. We love how detailed they are.

Care: 100 per cent cotton

Size: 140 x 185cm

Moon Phase Plant Tapestry
Price: £27 (was £39)

Need a vintage addition to your home? Channel the power of the moon with this unique tapestry.

Care: 100 per cent cotton, machine wash

Size: N/A

This tapestry shows a perfect collaboration of style, detail and craftsmanship. It depicts the unity – or collision – of black and white. Plus, it can unearth the mysteries of the sun, moon and constellation, which can reflect the unique aesthetic and personality of the host.

Care: 100 per cent polyester, handwash with warm water

Dimensions: 150 x 130cm

Editor’s favourite

Needing a Bohemian touch to your space? Check out this zany cat wall hanging from Etsy. Prop this unusual piece on your wall with adhesive and add a feline flair to your spice. Purr-fect.

Care: Environmentally Friendly Polyester, Wash with Care

Dimensions: 95 x 73 cm

Made from polyester, this pretty tapestry is ethereal, boasting a stunning depiction of the moon and stars. There’s a certain wisdom that comes with something like the moon. And this tapestry really calls to the magnificence of the universe. The seller recommends pins or adhesive.

Care: 100 per cent polyester, handwash with warm water

Dimensions: 150 x 130cm

Boho Abstract Sun Tapestry
Price: £11.90 (was £13.23)

OK – if something vintage doesn’t light up your world, why not take a look at this boho-chic wall hanging from Etsy? We’re really into this polyester tapestry and its vibrant colours.

Care: Environmentally-friendly polyester, wash with care

Dimensions: 95 x 73cm

Amaya Medallion Tapestry
Price: £24 (was £35)

Need something boho for your home? Grab this floral motif for your meditation nook.

Care: 100 per cent cotton, machine wash

Size: 127cm x 127 cm

Moonlight Tapestry
Price: £26 (was £32)

Searching for some lunar intervention? Ideal for hanging from your wall - or perhaps, folding in half and draping over your couch or at the end of your bed.

Care: 100 per cent cotton, machine wash

Size: 121.9cm x 91.4cm

This plant print tapestry is groovy. It's like stepping back in thyme to the 70’s.

Care: Environmentally-friendly polyester, wash with care

Dimensions: Sizes range from 95 x 73 cm & Up

Cream Mirna Celestial Tapestry
Price: £26 (was £32)

An astral-inspired medallion tapestry for you now. This is gorgeous, perfect when decorating your drab walls. Plus, it’s from a cotton weave – decked out with floral and celestial motifs. Pretty.

Care: 100 per cent cotton, machine wash

Size: L152cm x W152cm

This is a beautiful, floral wall hanging, ideal for a meditation or reading nook. We love the psychedelic and boho vibes. Plus, the seller offers a pack of hanging accessories – which contains two traceless thumbtacks, two metal clips, and two mounting tapes.

Care: 100 per cent polyester, wash with care

Dimensions: Sizes range from 95 x 73cm and up

Mushroom Butterfly Tapestry
Price: £20 (was £29)

Fancy something whimsy? This tapestry features mushrooms and butterflies. It's perfect for our celestial and cottagecore-loving readers. Complete with metal eyelets for easy hanging.

Care: 100 per cent cotton, machine wash

Size: 121.9cm x 91.4cm

Flower Motif Peace Flag
Price: £12 (was £15)

Need something on the smaller side? We love this floral wall hanging from Urban Outfitters.

Care: Spot clean

Size: W45 x L65cm

Keep Growing Flag
Price: £13 (was £16)

Keep your vibes blooming with this lightweight cotton flag from Urban Outfitters. This positively pretty wall hanging comes with metal grommets to hang it up easy.

Care: 100 per cent cotton, machine wash

Size: 50.8 x 40.6cm

Adorn your indoor space with this tapestry featuring a form – complete with loops for easy hanging.

Care: Machine Wash

Size: 27.3 x 24.1 cm


Best way to hang tapestries:

Tapestries aren’t a hassle to put up, don’t worry. We’ve sorted a list of methods for you:

• Hammer and nails - If you’re worried about damaging your walls, we do not recommend hoisting up your new decoration by hammering hooks in. But, if you’re comfortable getting your toolbox out, go for it. Putting a nail or hook is probably the most effective method for getting the tapestry to stay.

• Adhesives - Using an adhesive is a great option for those of you against putting a hole in your wall. Luckily, there are a variety to suit different size tapestries: including velcrocommand strips, or adhesive clips. Choose one best suited for your tapestry, then stick them to your wall and attach the tapestry. Make sure to get something heavy-duty for rug-like tapestries.

• Hang from a Rod – Hanging your tapestry from a rod is a traditional method. In fact, many tapestries have a rod 'pocket', which is a tube of fabric designed to keep a curtain rod inside. If your tapestry has this pocket, or wide holes that could suit a curtain rod, you’re ready to go. If you want to use a curtain rail but don’t have a rod “pocket”, sew your own using some old fabric.

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