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Best Meditation Books

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Although everyone has different approaches to keeping in touch with their bodies, thoughts and emotions, at Spirit & Destiny, we’re determined to get you relaxed and finding your zen in today’s fast-paced and hectic world. So, we’ve popped together a list of the best meditation books to help you get in the zone. Let’s get you meditating.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, improve focus and enhance one’s emotional health - and that’s only a microscopic look into the benefits of this practice. If you need to unwind at the end of the day – or perhaps need a moment’s peace in the morning, meditation may be the answer.

When you’re free from distractions, anxiety, and everything else that weighs you down in your daily life, your mind can clear, and you get a sense of perspective. It’s all about training your mind. We’d categorise meditation as a skill – so, to practice, you need a teacher. Hence, our list.

To clarify, there are several ways to practice meditation and the art of mindfulness. What would fit you best? It’s worth doing a little research into different types and methods. Have you heard of crystal singing bowls? Or - perhaps lighting some incense could help enhance and nurture your spiritual practice. Who knows...

Best books on meditation

We’ve done some of the research for you in the form of a round-up. Whether you’re a novice with no idea what to look out for or a little more in touch with the practice, we have you catered for. Most importantly, our favourite part about meditation is that there are no rules. Just do your thing.

Just grab a cushion or chair, pick up one of these books and get in touch with your mind.

Best meditation book for beginners
Practical Meditation for Beginners by Benjamin W. Decker

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Practical Meditation for Beginners is a starter's guide with a dip into ten styles of meditation - one for each day. This book is full of guidance for readers who don't know where to start. Plus, step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. Also, this title contains interesting thought prompts; these allow the reader to pause and reflect upon feelings after each exercise. Perhaps, this will help decide which style of meditation is right for you. 

Review: "I tried meditation apps before, and always found some benefit to them, but then quit using them shortly thereafter. This book was my first attempt at non-guided meditation (meaning no audio recording talking to me as I meditated). It was fantastic. The descriptions are simple and easy to follow. The writing is concise and gets you into meditating as quickly as possible. The 10 different approaches are also great as I found some that worked wonderfully, some that were okay, and some I didn't care for. I expect everyone is different, so getting a bit of diversity seems really valuable. It certainly was for me. Anyway, I have bought 2 additional copies to give to friends. Highly recommend this book as a jumping-off point for meditation."

Best biographical meditation book

New York Times Bestseller, 10% Happier, seems to be written for and by someone who would never have usually considered meditation or any form of spirituality. Written by ABC news journalist, Dan Harris, who publicly had a panic attack live on-air. After seeking meditative practices, Harris managed to totally reshape his life - just by becoming more mindful. How beautiful is that? So, this book is an account of Dan's step into the world of spirituality, as well as a guide for any beginners - or even sceptics.

Review: "Anyone who is fighting the grind and trying to climb the ladder in life needs to read this book. His ability to describe your internal monologue through experiences of his own is second to none. Not only that, he describes meditation in a way without flowery language and actively dispelling all the 'hippie-like, pseudo-scientific culture' around it. The book is something you'll come back to and re-read and honestly, it can make us all better people. It's also laughing out loud funny at points which makes it a dream to read."

Best meditation book for people who don't meditate
My Mind Won't Shut Up!: Meditation for People Who Don't Meditate

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My Mind Won’t Shut Up is a more humorous approach to meditation. It_’_s packed with funny stories from two Glaswegian women trying to navigate the world of meditation myths. This book is perfect for anyone curious about meditation - who might be put off by anything too intense or spiritual-focused. Even so, this down-to-earth book will help you gain more control over your mind, making you laugh while you read it.  

Review: "This was a fantastic book! I tore through this book and it has really helped me, not just with my approach to meditation but has also helped me implement a lot of positive thinking into a lot of the ways I think. It really is a no-nonsense approach to meditation and you can tell it comes from a source that knows what they are talking about, that they care and that is very funny!"

Best essential meditation book
The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science for Greater Mindfulness
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If you’re interested in the deeper meaning of meditation, The Mind Illuminated is an insightful read. Looking into Buddhism, cognitive psychology and neuroscience, this in-depth manual builds on the nine-stage model of meditation, which was founded by the ancient Indian sage, Asanga. It gives a clear look at how each stage impacts your practice. Despite its intense nature, this book is suitable for both beginners and seasoned meditators. 

Review: "This is a life-changing book. (and I don't use the phrase lightly) The detail, over almost 500 pages long, is as inspiring as it is helpful. This is the best guidance out there for serious practitioners I've yet to find - by far. I have transformed my practice and am now well on my way to becoming an adept. Importantly, as the author points out, there is no need to go on lengthy and arduous retreats to attain equanimity. Just follow the science. Could not recommend it more highly."

Best meditation book for travel

Dear Universe is an inspirational pocketbook, ideal for a spiritualist on the move. This book was written for anyone seeking practical ways to bring meditation into their everyday lives. Sarah guides your emotions on a journey and helps you create the life you want. This title features over 200 'mini-meditations'. It's perfect if you want to put meditation into your daily life - without committing to anything too intense. 

Review: "These mediations are great because they have 100 (for negative emotions, how you may be feeling at that time to help release you from that) and then you are guided to read one of the 100 meditations for positive encouraging emotions to help uplift you. The short stories are relatable, and you can tell the author is open and honest about emotions we've all felt. She doesn't make you feel judged - or anything. I'm really glad I got it 💜✨"

Best meditation book for anxiety
Mindfulness Meditations for Anxiety by Michael Smith PHD

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Anxiety is very prevalent in our day-to-day life. Luckily, this paperback of wisdom is all we need.

Mindfulness Meditations for Anxiety is filled with uplifting quotes, inspiring snippets and over 100 five-minute meditations to help ease your worries. These include meditation to help you sleep and exercises that help quiet your inner critic. Feel free to pick and choose the practise based on your feelings that day. 

Review: "Whether you have put off learning how to meditate, or have been doing it for years, this book will offer encouragement. His simply put instructions at the start of each exercise invite you to begin. He leads with the basics of meditation, so by the end of six chapters, you can be meditating. I love that he offers some short meditations, so even if time is limited, mindful awareness is possible. The variety of his 100 meditations is amazing! And these down to earth exercises help keep me mindful throughout the day. This book is a treasure I will continually use to help me grow in so many ways."

Best meditation book for your chakra
Essential Chakra Meditation: Awaken Your Healing Power with Meditation and Visualization

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Unlock your healing power with Essential Chakra Meditation. Your chakras are your body's vital energy centres - and their health impacts your wellbeing. This popular book draws on centuries of traditions and knowledge. With these teachings, Essential Chakra Meditation demonstrates that you can transform your spirit, body and mind. Included in this book, you can learn how to unblock and treat a specific chakra.

Review: "This book is excellent, particularly the meditations. My early experiences with these meditations have opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities of meditating spiritually. You don't just have to close your eyes, focus on your breath, and let the random thoughts pass you by, which for myself and many others just becomes tiresome. I've previously attempted mindfulness meditation with lacklustre success. For other sceptics like myself, it's not about believing every single statement in the book, it's about being open to the ideas the author presents and trying them out yourself."

Best meditation book for mindfulness

Jon Kabbat-Zinn, the founding Executive Director of the Centre for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at The University of Massachusetts Medical School, has written a classic: Wherever You Go, There You Are. If there’s anyone to trust when it comes to mindful practices, it’s Jon Kabbat-Zinn. Not only will this book help you understand meditation, but it will bring it to moments of your everyday life.

Review: " It's wonderfully down to Earth, offering advice on how to deal with everyday matters. The chapters are very short and sometimes only one page, which in many ways is very beneficial as it means you can dip in and out and process what is on the pages. The man is a remarkable writer in that he makes this subject matter very simple, concise and more importantly relatable. If you want a read not so involved with the ethereal matters in this field then this is the book for you. I've already bought Full Catastrophe Living off the impression this book imprinted on me. A Kabat-Zinn classic."

Recommended mediation book

If you want a more laid-back approach to meditation, An Ordinary Dude’s Guide is exactly that.

Written by John Weiler, this guide shows you how to approach meditation when you have no interest in being spiritual. Not only does it demystify meditation right down to its simplest form, but this book is a great read for anyone who is on the fence about spirituality in general.

Review: "Extremely clearly written. Very accessible - like being spoken to by a friend. What he says makes perfect sense. I think I have a much better idea about what meditation really involves now. His approach is not religious and is very easy to follow. The book is pretty short but excellent. If you liked this book then you might also like "10% Happier" by Dan Harris."

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