Best chakra candles for spiritual alignment

To assist in your meditation, yoga and healing sessions.


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The best chakra candles may be able to help restore a sense of balance in your life. By aligning with your chakras, they might offer a sense of focus on the energy points across your body. Whether it's meditation, yoga or healing sessions, these chakra candles will make your space a calm and relaxing one.

Additionally, if you're looking to shift your attention to each of the chakras, a chakra candle is a great way to do so. Burning one of these candles may help you to set your intention so that you're well on your way to unblocking, balancing and aligning your chakras.

Best chakra candles at a glance

• Best chakra pillar candle: GeoFossils Chakra Rainbow Candle - View Offer at Amazon UK
• Best third eye candle: Third Eye Chakra Aromatherapy Candle - View Offer Etsy
• Budget alter candles: Chakra Altar Candles - View Offer at Etsy

Here at Spirit & Destiny, we take a look at the meaning and significance of the chakras, as well as the best chakra candles for assisting you on your spiritual journey.

Best chakra candles

Price: $20.62

This beautiful pillar chakra candle from Amazon is scented with honeysuckle and cedar essential oils and is made using palm wax. It features printed chakra symbols on the glass which is a special touch, helping you to visualise each chakra. All of the chakra colours are included, and you could do a session to focus on this area as the candle burns through each colour.

Review: "Absolutely lovely looking candle won't be burning it any time soon and it smells lovely, also had it brought for me as a present, looks lovely in my glass display case."

Price: £15.90+

Designed with the Crown chakra in mind, this handmade candle encourages enlightenment and establishes a deeper connection with your spirituality. Made from vegan-friendly soy wax and a blend of frankincense, rose, lavender, jasmine and sandalwood essential oils to help open your Crown chakra.

Price: £15.90+

Crafted with the Third Eye chakra in mind, this handmade candle encourages you to strengthen your intuition. Made from vegan friendly soy wax and a blend of cedar wood, rosemary, frankincense and thyme essential oils to help you open your Third Eye.

Price: £15.90+

Made with the Throat chakra in mind, this handmade candle encourages you to express yourself and communicate. Made from vegan friendly soy wax and a blend of peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils to help you open your Throat chakra.

Price: £15.90+

Lovingly handmade with the Heart chakra in mind, this candle encourages compassion, kindness and love towards yourself and others. Made from vegan-friendly soy wax and a blend of ylang-ylang, jasmine and rose geranium essential oils to help you open your Heart chakra.
Review: "These are gorgeous candles, truly beautiful scents."

Price: £15.90+

Made with the Solar Plexus chakra in mind, this handmade candle encourages you to develop your confidence, self-esteem and willpower. Made from vegan-friendly soy wax and a blend of cedar wood, lemon and ginger essential oils to help you open your Solar Plexus chakra.
Review: "I have had two really special candles (solar plexus and sacral) they are so beautiful, thank you."

Price: £15.90+

Designed with the Sacral chakra in mind, this handmade candle encourages you to reignite your creativity, passion and relationships. Made from vegan-friendly soy wax and a blend of sandalwood, jasmine and orange essential oils to help you open your Sacral chakra.
Review: "Oh my goodness! This candle is absolutely gorgeous! It smells so beautifully luxurious! Thank you!"

Price: £15.90+

Made with the Root chakra in mind, this handmade candle encourages grounding, stability and balance. Made from vegan-friendly soy wax and a blend of sandalwood, patchouli and frankincense essential oils to help you open your Root chakra.

Top Pick

For a selection of candles in all of the colours of the chakra, this assortment of tea lights from Etsy would be fitting for a meditation or yoga session. Made using pure essential oils, with a different scent for each chakra, they're produced from 100 per cent natural palm wax.

Review: "Beautiful and nicely scented. Recipient will love them."

Made from soybean wax and using a blend of essential oils, each of these seven candles have its own unique scents that represents each of the chakras. These candles come as a set of seven, are vegan friendly and are planet conscious. They would add something extra to your yoga or meditation sessions.

Handmade from unscented beeswax sourced within the UK, these chakra altar candles would be perfect for any rituals that you're planning. Especially good for focused healing work or for areas of the body calling for your attention, they will help provide some focus during your New Moon rituals.
Review: "Absolutely perfect will definitely be buying more... want the whole set lol and a few other sets. Getting ready to start practising properly."

Decide between a variety of chakra candle bundles, from tealights to votive candles to dinner candles. Each set of candles comes with the colours of the seven chakras. Made from 100 per cent palm wax and pure essential oils, each has its own scent based on the different chakras.
Review: "Really love my candle set, comes with a really good colour range. So pleased with all the seller's help. Fantastic product and seller!"

Our verdict: Best chakra candle

In our opinion, the GeoFossils Chakra Rainbow Candle from Amazon is our favourite from the chakra candles on this list. We love that all of the chakra colours run through the candle, with the chakra symbols decorating the outside of the glass.

What is a chakra?

Originating in India, the ancient history of the chakra is an interesting one. Most commonly part of Hindu or Buddhist practices, the word 'chakra' comes from the Sanskrit word for 'wheel,' and refers to points of energy across the body. Despite common misconception, there are actually hundreds of chakra points, not just seven.

However, influenced by New Age and Western teachings, the common understanding of the chakra has taken on different meanings in modern culture. Often, there are thought to be seven main points of energy that make up the chakra system, where each is assigned to an area of the body.

What are the seven chakras?

In modern teachings, there are considered to be seven chakra points across the body, from the top of the head to the base of the spine. Here are the seven chakras, what part of the body and what they supposedly represent.

Sahasrara or Crown Chakra: At the top of the head, represents the connection to enlightenment and spirituality.

Ajna or Third Eye Chakra: In the middle of the forehead, represents intuition, perception and consciousness.

Vishuddha or Throat Chakra: In the throat, represents communication, self-expression and speaking your truth.

Anahata or Heart Chakra: In the centre of the chest, represents compassion, love and beauty.

Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra: Under the breastbone, represents self-esteem, confidence and courage.

Svadhishthana or Sacral Chakra: Around the navel, represents pleasure, creativity and sensuality.

Muladhara or Root Chakra: The base of the spine, represents grounding, stability and security.


What are chakra candles used for?

You can use chakra candles as part of guided meditation classes, yoga classes and reiki healing sessions. Or, you can use them at home when you're meditating or doing yoga alone. Alternatively, you may just want to burn them in the background to encourage healing in that specific area.

What does a chakra candle do?

Chakra candles bring balance and alignment to areas of your life. They provide focus and attention on a specific chakra, and may even help to 'open' any blocked chakras. Not to mention, candles and aromatherapy in general can create relaxing environments to help with achieving a sense of calm.

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