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Best oracle cards for beginners

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If you’re new to implementing cards into your spiritual practice, we’ve handpicked the best oracle cards for beginners. After all, we’ve all got to start somewhere. Divination cards may give you a new calling – as they let your intuition run riot, illuminating your path, and giving guidance, as well as reassurance, along life’s long (and sometimes uncertain) journey. A versatile tool used by many, oracle decks can complement practices such as meditation, yoga, journaling and more.

The best oracle decks offer direction and perspective on our real-world encounters. You may heal, commune with nature, and hone your intuition using this instrument. To set affirmations, objectives, and rituals for the New Moon, we advise using these throughout your meditation practice. The question, "How can I make a bigger impact on the world?" is one that you might consider asking your Oracle cards. They come with a unique message and beautiful imagery, evoking deep conversations.

Perhaps you’re thinking: what is the difference between tarot and oracle cards? Simply, the best tarot cards “come in a more structured deck, and there are a few more rules involved (whereas) oracle cards are a bit more free-flowing,” according to Westfield. You can use both cards, for sure. But, there are differences in the size of the packs and the content. Tarot’s detailed structure comes from tradition, and its meanings are somewhat episodic and universal. On the other hand, oracle decks can have any content, any number of cards and offer a bigger-picture look at our lives.

Best oracle cards for beginners at a glance:

Best oracle cards for beginners: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards
Best budget beginners Oracle deck: Calm Club Oracle Cards
Best beginners Oracle deck for crystal lovers: Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle
Best Oracle deck for affirmation: The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Cards
Best Fairycore beginners Oracle: Oracle of the Fairies

If oracle decks aren’t your thing, and you’re looking for a different set of cards to enhance your practice, consider our best angel cards – which are full of positive affirmations and mantras to keep close as you meditate or perform a sun salutation. Many of us turn to cards to seek counsel, receive advice and be pointed in the right direction. So, we’ve found the best oracle cards for beginners.

Best Oracle Cards for Beginners

Best Oracle cards for beginners

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: The Complete Spiritual Toolkit for Transforming Your Life Cards

Rrp: $26.95

Price: $18.14

New to Oracle cards? The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: The Complete Spiritual Toolkit for Transforming Your Life is a good introduction. In this set, you’ll find 49 unique chakra cards and a guidebook that includes divination spreads, chakra-by-chakra insight and a meditation recommendation focused on each card.

Customer Review: "I was instantly drawn to these cards, bright and beautiful. I have just done myself a reading and am rather shocked at how accurate they are!”

Best budget beginner's oracle deck

From Etsy, we recommend the Calm Club Oracle Cards - which is a 42-card deck for self-reflection and mindfulness. With this oracle deck, you're supplied with a handy guide booklet, which can help you understand the cards. Make sure to note down your cards in a notebook. Hopefully, this will mark the first step in your road to self-discovery.

Customer Review: "Arrive quickly and in perfect condition. In love with the cards and guides, very cute and lovely to shuffle with. I would totally recommend it to anyone thinking about buying!"

Best moon-inspired beginner oracle deck

Moonology™ Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

Rrp: $19.99

Price: $17.31

Moonology Oracle Cards is a bestseller for a reason. Whether you’re drawing cards each lunation or searching for protection, guidance and healing, let the moon guide you.  

Customer Review: “Truly magical oracle cards which I’ve already started to use. The illustrations are divine and the little book with them is easy to use and gives some good insights until they become intuitively ‘yours’. The card isn’t particularly thick and they have got a matt finish which means they maybe won’t move as easily as glossy ones but as I’m always careful with my decks this shouldn’t be a problem. The back of the cards is also beautiful and shows the phases of the moon, I have got really good energy from this deck and think I’m going to use them a lot.”

Best beginners Oracle deck for crystal lovers

As you may well be aware, crystals have been used for divination and healing since ancient times. With this Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle, you can harness its powerful energies to reveal your true path. This beautiful deck is designed to help connect to your higher, intuitive self and to give you insight. This deck contains 50 crystal cards that radiate the very essence of the stones - for you to access rare and powerful crystal vibrations instantly.

Customer Review: "Great way to learn about crystals, informative guide beautiful cards and comes in a fabulous box. Thank you."

Best Mushroomcore beginners Oracle deck

Mushroom Spirit Oracle: (36 Gilded Cards and 112-Page Full-Color Guidebook)

Rrp: $24.95

Price: $19.96

‘Mushroom spirits, please be with me now. I ask for your guidance.’ In this Mushroom Spirit Oracle, there are 36 hand-drawn images of mushrooms from all over the world. And - each fungus has a message for you. Armed with the guidebook, this deck will answer questions you have and will delve deep into each mushroom. What are their benefits - and how can we implement their energy and vibrations into our lives?

Customer Review: "This deck is AMAZING! I have a mushroom-themed tarot, and obvi I needed an oracle deck to match. I love this deck so much, from the art to the meanings of the cards, it’s just so good. Would highly recommend it! It’s gonna be in regular rotation for me."

Best Oracle deck for affirmation

This deck perfectly sums up the meaning behind Oracle. The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Cards contain 52 messages to help you find your way - if you are lost, strength - if you feel unsafe and joy in every aspect of your life. By surrendering to the guidance of this Oracle deck, trust that the Universe has your back. Sounds peaceful, right?

Customer Review: "They are so cute. Love using them. Always lift me up."

Best beginners Oracle for ocean healing

Sea Soul Journeys Oracle Cards

Rrp: $19.95

Price: $15.81

May the Sea be your guide and trust the cards will take you where you need to be with the Sea Soul Jounrets Oracle Cards. This 48-card deck has been created to encourage personal reflection and growth. With the wisdom of the Ocean on your side, you will be steered in the right direction. Awake your intuition and harness the power of the sea as you dive into meditation, reflection and mindfulness with this deck.

Customer Review: "Beautiful cards, lovely descriptions, advice and suggestions on how to use. I take a long time to find a new deck, the second I opened it, I knew I'd chosen well and I can't wait to use these every day."

Best Fairycore beginners Oracle

This 44-card deck is perfect for lovers of nature. Use this oracle as the portal to the realm of fairy magic and manifest your way to wonders untold. Oracle of the Fairies will guide you to seek out fairy wisdom and receive guidance that will bring inspiration and solutions. Each reading will be positive and practical, ideal for forging your own path in life. By communicating with your fairy guides through these cards, you can float through life with confidence and wisdom.

Customer Review: "Such a beautiful oracle set! The pictures and book are so pretty and the perfect size. Very fast delivery too!"


How to use Oracle cards for beginners

Perhaps, you’re thinking: how do I read a card deck? For example, when approaching reading tarot, you need to hone your intuition to connect to the spirit world. You don’t need to be a tarot pro or medium to access this fantastic tool. Remember: your intentions should guide your practice.

Now, how to use oracle cards. There a quite a few ways you can perform readings for yourself – or others. As you’re likely a beginner to Oracle, we will discuss three easy ways to use oracle cards for guidance, thanks to the Self Care Emporium.

How to read oracle cards for beginners

Once Card Daily Readings – is a common way to use Oracle decks. For beginners, this is a great way to break gently into this world. Simply, it’s a one-card pull. Whether every day or once a week, this one-card-pull can set your intention. Listen to the universe – and let it guide you. “It could be that you only draw a card when you’re in need of some spiritual and emotional support or guidance,” says the Self Care Emporium.

Moving Forward Two Card Spread – tells you “what the universe needs you to let go of and leave in the past and what you should focus on in order to move forward, in a healthy and positive way,” says the Self Care Emporium. The card on the left is holding us back and is something we need to leave behind to be great – whereas the right side tells us how to move forward with our lives. Whether a personal or professional problem is plaguing your thoughts, a two-card spread may help.

Release and Focus Oracle Spread – is our third method for beginners to Oracle. It’s essentially a combination of the above two methods. It offers a full-fledged reading. Working from the left, we have the main message – and what to work on. Then, there is “what we have to release in order to reach that goal and what we need to remember or focus on,” says the Self Care Emporium.

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