The best meditation chairs for some extra support

Finding yourself aching after a meditation session? No fear.

best meditation chairs

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To help you out whilst you’re searching for inner peace, we’ve found the best meditation chairs to give you some much-needed support. Whether you take five minutes of your day or dedicate an hour to this mindful practice, you may have experienced some aches and pains. If this sounds familiar, you need some support with a meditation cushion or chair. There are benefits to supporting your physical body when embarking on this mindful practice.

With the earliest documented records of meditation dating back between 3500 – 5000 BCE, meditation is well known for its wide range of benefits. Simply put, meditation often uses mental concentration practices often used to achieve a clearer more conscious mind. Need some beginner's tips on meditation? We have you covered.

Best meditation chairs at a glance

Best meditation chair: Foldable Meditation and Yoga Bench - View Offer at Decathlon
Best meditation chair with easy storage: Malu Foldable Meditation Chair - View Offer on Amazon UK
Budget meditation chair: Foldable Thick Meditation Cushion Chair - View Offer at Etsy
Best meditation chair with back support: Yoga-Mad Meditation Chair - View Offer at OnBuy

Over a period of time, you will notice a difference in your practice. Once you’ve got the basics down: clear your mind, focus on your breathing and get comfortable - things will begin to slot into place. With the right support from self-care apps and accessories, you can embark on a journey of well-being, mindfulness, and, hopefully, happiness.

But, where to start? Simply sit and practice. If you need some guidance, you can get some books on meditation and mindfulness. We’ve pulled together a useful round-up to guide you along the way. Below, we've answered some of your burning questions, such as: What are the benefits of meditation? And, how can I maintain a meditation practice?

The best meditation chairs for support

Best meditation chair

Made from sustainable Beech, this simple Foldable Meditation and Yoga Bench will complement the user's inward search for mindfulness. Luckily for the user, the edges are all rounded, so there are no sharp corners. This bench will let you sit in a comfortable position while keeping the spine and back straight. It allows a relaxing and distraction-free meditation.

Customer review: "Great value and good quality. Love the way the legs securely fold and are held neatly underneath. As new to mindfulness I did not want to spend too much. Would definitely recommend it."


  • Sustainable material
  • Foldable for storage


  • None we can think of!

Best meditation chair with easy storage

Malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair with Back Support

Rrp: $84.99

Price: $69.99

We love this Malu Foldable Meditation Chair because it has five adjustable positions. It makes it easier than ever to get comfortable and in the zone for your moment of mindfulness. This chair is so flexible that it can lie flat or fold in half. So, taking it with you on a retreat or yoga class is not out of the question. Padded for extra comfort and with a removable cover for easy cleaning, the chair’s trimmings are chich and made from vegan leather.
Customer review:** "Excellent 'floor' chair is easy to fold and comfortable. The original one I ordered had a broken buckle, one quick email and a new chair delivered the next day, fantastic customer service."


  • Foldable
  • Easy to store


  • Not comfy for everyone

Budget meditation chair

Next, is this Foldable Thick Meditation Cushion Chair, courtesy of Iguazu on Etsy. Foldable with handles, this meditation cushion chair makes a good choice if you're on the go and need five minutes of mindfulness. Plus, it comes in a small selection of colours, which we appreciate. The pattern is refreshing - and for the price, it's a bargain.

Customer review: "This is a really beautiful cushion, and gives excellent support. It is perfect for giving a bit of a boost in certain positions, and my son absolutely loves the folding design (he even pretended it was a handheld scoreboard during a game at one point!) Needless to say, I bought this cushion for myself but it has become an addition to our home which the whole family is enjoying."


  • Handmade
  • Good value
  • Foldable with handles


  • Delicate

Best meditation chair with back support

With this Yoga-Mad Meditation Chair from OnBuy, you can support your lower back for increased comfort and relaxation. Practical, this chair folds and only weighs 1kg – which makes it easy to transport and store. Perfect if you’re heading out for a retreat – a great travelling companion. This seat is ideal for those moments when you need to bury your head into a book – or even a floor gaming chair.

Customer review: "Really comfortable seat! Offers surprisingly good back support compared to others I’ve tried. Would recommend to anyone who meditates regularly, used it for reading as well which was great!"


  • Good for back support
  • Lightweight


  • Low stock

Sustainable pick

We love this Fuyuka Solid Mango Wood Yoga Stool from La Redoute. Not only is it pretty, but it can serve as an important part of your everyday ritual. It could make a great companion for travel. The design is a Pi-Style meditation bench - and who knew that mango tree wood would look so beautiful? This bench is great for a modified lotus position, Siddhasana, or kneeling position (Vajrasana).

Customer review: "This is a comfortable stool that looks fantastic. Solid and well-made. So glad I bought it."


  • Handcrafted sustainable mango
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use


  • Low stock

Best bean bag for meditation

Exceptional for any part of the house, this Moroccan-inspired bean Bag Cover for Meditation can be used as an ottoman and a footstall, as well as a yoga or meditation cushion! You can use this pretty floor seating to give your home some character. With these beanbags, you can bring centuries-old traditions into your household. This bean bag would make a great companion to the five minutes (or so) you take in a day to check in with yourself. Unfortunately, the bean bags come unfilled, but it is simple to fill them up.

Customer review: "Fabric is really good quality. Bright and thick. Very happy with my item."


  • Functional decoration
  • Doubles as a footstool


  • Bags come unfilled


Highback Bean Bag Chair
Price: £79.90 (was £119)

This Highback Bean Bag Chair adjusts to many different seating positions. We love this because of its wrap-around cocoon shape and ergonomic design. Made from plush, soft cord fabric with stain resistance, this beanbag is a great choice for meditation. Plus, it looks so comfy. Why not add a matching footstall whilst you’re at it?


  • It comes in a selection of colours
  • Doubles as additional furniture


  • Footstool is an extra £25


What are the benefits of meditation?

Through a disciplined focus on our breath, for example, we are able to "return ourselves to the present moment and leave less space for the ‘mind chatter’ to take over," says Yash. With their help, we've got a list of benefits to regular meditation practice. After all, more of us are turning to this tool to manage stress and anxiety.

Reduced stress levels
Increased focus and concentration
Mental clarity
Better self-connection & understanding
Improved sleep

Can meditation clear your mind?

"This is one of the biggest myths associated with meditation," says Wakuda. It's simply not possible. Our brains may be mighty machines, but they're not that powerful. Yash explains that the "aim of meditation isn’t to completely get rid of our thoughts, they will always be there". Meditation, in fact, makes space for awareness in our thoughts. When practising meditation, we're acknowledging thoughts, letting them rise and fall in a healthy and controlled fashion.

What can I do to help maintain a meditation practice?

This does not have to be complicated, says Yash. For starting (or returning to) this practice...

Create your space - dedicated to you and your practice. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, says Yash. They suggest cushions, blankets and your favourite candle. Why not take a peek at our spiritual decor inspiration..?

Reduce distractions - as much as you can, anyway. We know it’s not always possible to completely shut out noise and distractions. Some of you may live on a busy road or have a full household. Try some relaxing music to keep focus.

Invest in a yoga mat - as this may enhance your practice. For example, Yash's sleek Yoga Mat is a great choice to get you in the zone. It's available in a range of colours and gives you the space you need to channel good vibes.

No judgement - is the best way for your practice. If you're a beginner, there's no use putting any unnecessary pressure on yourself. Some sessions are going to be more successful than others. Remember to be patient with yourself.

Explore - what works for you, says Yash: "There are so many different practices available out there, some of which you may love and others you may struggle with." Feel free to flit between guided and non-guided.

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