The best meditation chairs for some extra support

Finding yourself aching after a meditation session? No fear.

Mature woman sitting cross-legged on chair with eyes closed, meditating at home

by Piper Huxley |

Whether you take five minutes of your day or dedicate an hour to this mindful practice, you may have experienced some aches and pains. If this sounds familiar, you need some support. To help you out whilst you’re searching for inner peace, we’ve found the best meditation chairs to give you some much-needed support.

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Over a period of time, you will notice a difference in your practice. Once you’ve got the basics down: clear your mind, focus on your breathing and get comfortable - things will begin to slot into place. With the right support from props and accessories, you will be able to embark on a journey of well-being, mindfulness, and hopefully, happiness.

But, where to start? Simply sit and practice.

If you need some guidance, you can get some books on meditation and mindfulness.

At Spirit & Destiny, we’ve pulled together a useful round-up to guide you along the way.

The best meditation chairs for support - UK 2022

Made from sustainable English Oak, this beautifully simple stool will complement the user's inward search for mindfulness. Luckily for the user, the edges are all gently rounded, so there are no sharp corners. This attractive stool will let you sit in a comfortable position while keeping the spine and back straight. It allows a relaxing and distraction-free meditation.

We love this foldable floor chair because it has five adjustable positions. It makes it easier than ever to get comfortable and in the zone for your moment of mindfulness. This chair is so flexible that it can lie flat or fold in half. So, taking it with you on a retreat or yoga class is not out of the question. Padded for extra comfort and with a removable cover for easy cleaning, the chair’s trimmings are chich and made from vegan leather.

Next, is this foldable (and affordable) meditation cushion, courtesy of Iguazu on Etsy. Foldable with handles, this meditation cushion chair makes a good choice if you're on the go and need five minutes of mindfulness. Plus, it comes in a small selection of colours, which we appreciate. The pattern is refreshing - and for the price, it's a bargain.

With this chair from Amazon, you can support your lower back for increased comfort and relaxation. Practical, this chair folds and only weighs 1kg – which makes it easy to transport and store. Perfect if you’re heading out for a retreat – a great travelling companion. This seat is ideal for those moments where you need to bury your head into a book – or even a floor gaming chair.

We love this mango wood bench from Etsy. Not only is it foldable, but it comes in a fabric, tote bag for easy carrying – making it a great companion for travel. The design is a Pi-Style meditation bench - and who knew that mango tree wood would look so beautiful? Made in India, this bench is great for modified lotus position, Siddhasana, or kneeling position (Vajrasana).

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Another adjustable floor meditation chair on our list, this product has special lumbar support, which prevents backache. Plus, the metal-locking tech ensures six, stable and secure positions to sit in. Lightweight and wear-resistant, you can sit on this chair to work, read or sit with your furry friends. Made from a high-elastic sponge, this chair provides a soft-sitting feeling – perfect for meditation.

Exceptional for any part of the house, this bean bag can be used as an ottoman and a footstall, as well as a yoga or meditation cushion! You can use this pretty floor seating to give your home some character. With these beanbags, you can bring centuries-old traditions into your household. This bean bag would make a great companion to the five minutes (or so) you take in a day to check in with yourself. Unfortunately, the bean bags come unfilled, but it is simple to fill them up.

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This highback beanbag adjusts into many different seating positions. We love this because of its wrap-around cocoon shape and ergonomic design. Made from plush, soft cord fabric with stain resistance, this beanbag is a great choice for meditation. Plus, it looks so comfy. Why not add a matching footstall whilst you’re at it?

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