The best meditation cushions for creating a zen atmosphere

Sit down and relax – these cushions will help support you.

A concept photo showing a young woman sitting down in a half lotus position on a meditation cushion. There are small candles scattered around the floor and the lighting in the room is dimmed.

by Piper Huxley |

Perfect to pair with your practice: Spirit & Destiny have handpicked the best meditation cushions. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into meditation or are a fully-fledged expert, who has worn their current pillow out, we’ve found a lovely selection.

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If you’ve purchased a book on meditation, you’re probably clued up on how most people practise this art of mindfulness. For anyone new to meditation, the most common way to meditate is to be seated, crossed legged and with eyes shut. However, we know how uncomfortable this can get – especially after a long session. With soreness in the forefront of your mind, you might find it difficult to relax.

Do not fear - this is easily solved with a meditation cushion. Simply breathe in and breathe out, as we’ve got a wonderful selection below.

What is buckwheat?

A member of the grass family, buckwheat is a plant cultivated for its grain-like seeds.

When used as upholstery filling, buckwheat allows for constant air circulation, which keeps you cool and dry.

Since buckwheat-filled meditation cushions don't compress under pressure, they will reduce stress on your neck, head, and spine, for a comfortable and restful practice.

Why do we love buckwheat so much? Well, organic buckwheat is (usually) ethically grown. It grows quickly in poor soil conditions without the need for pesticides and herbicides. It is also non-synthetic and chemical-free.

How to feel relaxed at home

  • Take a dip: For some of us, spending time in the bath is a brilliant way to relax both body and mind. Here, you’re by yourself and with your thoughts. Why not light a candle or some incense? Grab a book and disconnect from the outside world.

  • Be one with nature: Why not sit in your garden? Or, open a window and listen to the world around you. Think about how alive it feels – and how we’re all connected.

  • Get some cleaning done: Stressing about cleanliness is a problem we’re all familiar with. If you’re finding you’ve neglected the housework, that’s OK. To help, write a list of things you want to be done – and set your mind to them throughout the week. Ticking them off is going to feel great. Make sure to reward yourself and set realistic goals, too.

  • Light a candle: Candles are great. Not only do they smell lush, but there’s something really relaxing and enchanting about watching the flame flicker. If you’re not into candles, incense is great, too – and just as relaxing. Just don’t leave unattended.

  • Prepare dinner: If you love to be in the kitchen, why not get cooking? We love how rewarding preparing a meal feels. Plus, it’s great for those of us who like following lists.

  • Do some tidying: Though a cliché, we think ‘tidy room = tidy mind’ is sound advice.

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