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Yoga Card Decks from Oliver Bonas and Etsy

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Yoga cards are perfect for channelling your inner yogi. Making time for yoga can significantly aid your well-being, so consider some divination cards to plan your practice. Even if you’re a seasoned yogi – yoga cards could help educate you on creating your flow, as well as perfecting poses. With time, your confidence will build, and your practice can be led by either the cards or your own knowledge and intuition. This way, you may not require support from an instructor or a yogi YouTube channel. For newbies, yoga cards will support you on the yoga basics with expert guidance.

Cards have been used in spiritual practices and for spiritual guidance for centuries. For example, tarot cards harness great power as they can help us tap into our intuition and gain insight into our subconscious. So, whatever your intention, having the right deck can make all the difference. With oracle cards, there is a diverse range of decks for you to try. In our round-up, we’ve managed to include a range of yogi decks – for beginners or full-fledged experts.

Best yoga cards UK at a glance:

Best yoga cards for beginners: WorkoutLabs Yoga Cards - view on Amazon UK
Best yoga cards: Yoga Weekly Wellness Cards - view on Not on the High Street
Meditations and poses: The Yoga Deck: 50 Poses and Meditations - view on Amazon UK
Best for sequence and flows: Yoga Sequence Cards - view on Etsy

Essentially, yoga cards come with “an illustration of the pose or exercise on the front, with alignment cues of how to get into each position and modifications on the back,” says High Desert Yogi. How can you use them to guide your practice? Well, first and foremost, these flashcards can be a visual tool to add variation to your practice and will help create your own sequences – or flows. Or they can serve as a guide beside your mat for you to follow alongside. Remember: yoga is led by you.

If you’re looking to set an intention for your practice and need to find a mantra for your session, angel cards may be better suited. Unlike yogi decks, angel cards feature inspirational and uplifting messages from your celestial guides. They can become an integral part of your yoga journey. However, if you’re looking for support with technique and want to push yourself to become a guru, yoga cards will be your thing. They are an excellent tool to bring clarity down to your yoga mat. Draw a series of cards for the week, month or session and let fate influence your practice.

Best Yoga Cards UK

Best yoga cards for beginners

WorkoutLabs YOGA CARDS - Beginners: Professional Visual Study, Class Sequencing & Practice Guide with Essential Poses, Breathing Exercises &...

Rrp: $27.95

Price: $19.95

Essential for beginners, we recommend the WorkoutLabs Yoga Cards. With 47 core Asanas, three Pranayama breathing exercises, a meditation card and five sequences, it's kitted out to help yogis of all abilities. It even has Sanskrit on each card. With alignment cues, written instructions, pose benefits, modification and warnings, it's a great tool for those wanting to get into this practice. This deck will help guide you through each pose with detail and expertise.

Customer Review: "Using this product to help self-teach yoga, very easy to use and follow with recommended sequences. Just placed it in front of me next to the mat and followed, would recommend for any beginner."


  • You can learn Sanskrit and Asanas
  • Large, convenient and durable
  • Essential poses and sequences for beginners


  • The text could be a little bigger

Try one new pose a week

Stretch out life's worries with these Calm Club Yoga Cards. Go from a yoga novice to a guru with this deck. With 52 cards, this deck includes essential form and movement tips to aid your journey. It's perfect if you're looking to focus on a pose each week - to become a yoga expert. Plus, these yoga cards are sourced from 100 per cent recycled materials.

Customer Review: "Arrived quickly, well packaged. I'm going to buy another set of these yoga cards for myself because they're so well-designed and informative. Thank you."


  • Sourced from recycled materials
  • Ideal for perfecting poses
  • Great imagery with easy-to-read text


  • Simple, no detailed guidance

Best yoga cards

Complete with an eco-friendly display stand, this pack provides the perfect support for your wellness journey. From Not on the High Street, we have our top pick: Yoga Weekly Wellness Cards. Designed with your flexibility and wellness in mind, these yoga cards are ideal to help you tune in with your body with weekly challenges and routines.


  • Colourful and bold deck of cards
  • Comes with description and imagery
  • Complete with eco-friendly stand


  • No customer reviews

Meditations and poses

The Yoga Deck: 50 Poses and Meditations

Rrp: $14.95

Price: $12.49

With the Yoga Deck: 50 Poses and Meditations, you can make rejuvenating practice part of your daily routine. Each easy-to-use card gives detailed instructions, benefits, and an affirmation. Follow either a single card or a sequence provided that focuses on your specific needs at that specific moment. Whether you practice at home or outdoors, these cards are ideal for a moment's reflection - promoting strength and energy - anywhere you may be.

Customer Review: "Absolutely gorgeous cards. Decent sized and very easy to read! Comes with a good mix of different breathing exercises and meditations also - if you are not an impulsive buyer like me you probably already know this lol. Use the cards on a regular basis - the recommended routines are also handy if you don't have a clue what you're doing (like me also). Overall, I think it would be a lovely gift to someone who wants to do yoga or be more mindful!


  • Contains warm-up and breathe cards
  • Ideal for yogis who meditate
  • Comes with recommended sequences


  • Not as many poses as other packs

Best for sequence and flows

Stylish, these Yoga Sequence Cards from Etsy are a favourite of ours. With inclusive illustrations for any aspiring yogi, the front of each card contains a Yoga Pose illustration, the name of the pose and the Sanskrit name. Whereas, the back of the card has a beautiful yoga pose pattern. This deck has sequence cards, Asana (pose) cards and a mudras card - which is about symbolic hand gestures. Whether novice or expert, these cards are beautiful and informative.

Customer Review: "This deck is amazing. The art is so beautiful, my friend and I have been getting together every day since I got them in the mail to do yoga together with these cards. Also having the baggy makes it super easy to travel with them they fit right in my purse. Thank you so much!"


  • Contains Asana, sequence and mudras cards
  • Features a range of body sizes, hair types and skin colours
  • Comes in a little drawstring bag for on-the-go


  • The font isn't the easiest to read for some

Best for understanding poses

Yoga Poses Workout Cards
Price: $11.76

This deck of Yoga Poses Workout Cards comes with one hundred illustrated poses for you to learn, such as the Half Moon, Twisting Boat and Three-Legged Dog. Perfect for understanding poses, this set is a great option if you're looking for a clear, concise look at Asana.

Customer Review: "Absolutely love these! They’ve changed up my entire home workout!!! I’ve been feeling really unmotivated but actually, they give me ideas and I challenge myself to do whatever I pull out of the pack. Obsessed."


  • Great value yoga card deck
  • Comes with 100 illustrated Asana
  • Will help plan your routine


  • None that we can think of!

VERDICT: What are the best yoga cards?

Complete with a stance and in-depth description of each Asana, we love the wellness deck from Not on the High Street. The Yoga Weekly Wellness Cards will help you tune in to your body's needs and focus on wellness, as well as fitness.


How to use yoga cards

Spirit & Destiny – with the help of the Shanti Shack – have designed a step-by-step on how to use your yoga cards. Here, you can create a practice tailored to your yoga (and life) goals.

Firstly, set your intention. What brings you down to your non-slip yoga mat? Are you looking for something calming, perfect to help you wind down for the day? Or would you like to challenge yourself with a tough, balance pose? Understand the why and everything will follow…

Next, don’t forget to warm up. After all, a safe yoga practice “starts with warming up the body and ends by stretching it out.” If your deck has warm-up cards, then these will come in handy. If not, we recommend mobilising your wrists, gently stretching the neck and taking deep breaths.

Then, build your sequence. Using your cards as a guide, select your cards. We’d recommend following your intuition and keeping your intention in mind as you choose your cards. Some decks will help you understand where to place the pose or balance in a sequence.

After, tailor your sequence. As with most things in life, there needs to be a balance. For this, we’d recommend matching poses with their contrasting/counter poses to neutralise the body. For equilibrium, the Shanti Shack recommends tailoring “each pose to your individual needs.”

Finally, fan your cards to reveal the sequence. The Shanti Shack recommends laying your cards “close to your mat and following your sequence card by card.” Make sure to follow the cards faithfully – as this will help with technique and safety. Listen to your body if something doesn’t feel right.

Piper Huxley is a Homes, Garden and Wellness Product Writer for Spirit & Destiny, an all-rounder: from health to spirituality. When not at her desk, she’s practising yoga or in deep reflection.

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