Chaga mushroom supplements rich in antioxidants for your wellbeing

As an adaptogen, Chaga is a force to be reckoned with…

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Finding the best Chaga mushroom supplements to support your body and mind could be the first step in your mushroom journey. Perhaps, you’re wondering: What is a Chaga mushroom – and what do they do for you? Not to worry! Spirit & Destiny aims to guide you through this fantastic adaptogen – with the help of Clarissa Berry, Nutrition Lead at DIRTEA. Chaga mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine for centuries and nowadays, it’s available as a mushroom supplement.

Inonotus obliquus, commonly known as Chara, is a fungus, which grows parasitically in cold climates and on birch, usually. A sterile conk, it resembles burnt charcoal due to a great amount of melanin. Typically, like many functional mushrooms, Chaga is grated into a fine powder, which can be mixed with water to resemble herbal tea. As a hot drink, Chaga may be the ticket to low immune systems, prevalent in the winter months. Historically a Northern European medicine, Chaga is thought to be an adaptogen, much like ashwagandha, and rich in antioxidants – coming with many benefits.

Best Chaga mushroom supplements at a glance

Best powder Chaga mushroom supplement: DIRTEA Chaga Mushroom Powder - View Offer at John Lewis
Best Chaga mushroom capsules: Mushrooms 4 Life Organic Chaga Capsules - View Offer on Amazon UK
Best Chaga face and body cream: Evolve Organic Beauty Pro+ Ectoin Soothing Cream - View Offer at Evolve Beauty

As covered in more detail in the FAQs, Chaga is plentiful in protective antioxidants, meaning it can take on a few uses, benefiting digestion, immunity, skin health and appearance, according to Clarissa at DIRTEA. Much like cordyceps mushroom supplements, Chaga has the potential to help “combat oxidative stress and may reduce the risk of chronic diseases,” she adds. As for skin health and appearance, we’ve been seeing mushrooms materialising in natural beauty products in recent years, with the promise of protecting skin from ageing and damage. It’s a shroom boom…

For supporting full-body health and longevity, Clarissa recommends a Chaga mushroom supplement. But, which is best for you? Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can implement Chaga into your lifestyle, whether powdered into your breakfast, taken as a capsule or as a morning mushroom coffee ritual. Spirit & Destiny has made sure to have chosen a wide range of Chaga products, whether you crave some much-needed wellness or health. Use your intuition and go with your gut…

Best Chaga mushroom supplements

Best Chaga supplement for gut health

Elevate your well-being with Grass + Co. BIOME Chaga Mushrooms with Curcumin and Ginger. Harness the immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory properties of Chaga, synergistically combined with the anti-oxidative might of Curcumin and the soothing essence of Ginger. It's a triple threat - perfect for those of us who suffer from digestion or gut issues. With each capsule, embark on a holistic journey, nourishing your body and amplifying your wellness.

Customer Review: "A dietician I know recommended this product to me and couldn't say enough positive things about how Chaga would help me. And, they weren't wrong! I've been taking it for three weeks and my tummy feels so much more comfortable - no bloating or digestion issues. I don't think I'm imagining it, but I've also noticed I have more energy throughout the day. I hadn't realised how much I had been struggling. I am recommending it to everyone I know and will definitely buy it again. Worth every penny!"


  • With Ginger and Vitamin D to support digestion
  • Non-GMO, cruelty-free and contains no additives
  • A unique mushroom and adaptogen formulation


  • May not be the best for everyone

Best powder Chaga mushroom supplement

With DIRTEA Chaga Mushroom Powder, you have the potent benefits of Chaga mushrooms at your disposal. Enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, and potential immune support, each scoop offers a dose of natural vitality. It's time to embark on your wellness journey and embrace the change that Chaga mushrooms can offer you. By harnessing the power of adaptogens, your lifestyle will be elevated with this nutrient-rich addition. DIRTEA is one of our favourites.

Customer Review: "I would give this product 6 stars if I could. Filled with antioxidants my body is enjoying stronger hair and nails and a natural energy boost that lasts the entire day!"


  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Adapt to stress and promote some balance
  • Implement to your diet however you want


  • May interact with your medications
  • Has a distinct taste - not for everyone

Best Chaga mushroom tea

Harvested in Northern Europe - Estonia, to be exact - this Chaga tea drink could be the adaptogenic boost you've been searching for. The Indigo Herbs Estonian Chaga Mushroom Powder contains no fillers and is GMO-free. With a high amount of antioxidants, beta-glucans and polysaccharides, this tea can provide a wide range of benefits to support immunity, lower stress, and strengthen vitality. It can be added to your food, added to a smoothie or drunk as tea.

Customer Review: "Well packaged. First time I’ve bought or used Chaga, so nothing to compare with. However does seem decent quality and gives a good flavour though I think I made the first batch too strong as it was very sweet/toffee flavoured. The second batch is better, less sweet, more tannin flavour. Maybe just personal taste.
Would recommend and will probably buy again, unless I can find some growing wild on my travels."


  • Contains a high amount of antioxidants
  • Add to a smoothie or brew into a tea
  • 100% natural, vegan and GMO-free


  • Takes a while to brew
  • Has a distinct taste - not for everyone

Best Chaga mushroom capsules

Simple, these Mushrooms 4 Life Organic Chaga Capsules are exactly what you'd expect them to be. They're an ideal way to get all the all-around protective properties of this nutritional powerhouse and adaptogen. Sustainably cultivated on Siberian birch and professionally formulated by mushroom experts, this product is free from any nasties and comes vegan-friendly, too. It's rich in restorative properties, adapting to itself to whatever your body needs.

Customer Review: "Feel so much better for taking these. After just two days pains went and a general good returned."


  • Nutrients packed with antioxidants
  • High-quality and easy to take
  • 100% mushrooms and no nasties


  • May interact with your medications

Best Chaga mushroom latte supplement

The Cheerful Buddha Superfood Chaga Latte combines a unique range of adaptogens and superfoods to create a delicious and uplifting instant latte drink. Tailored around the Chaga function mushroom, this delicious latte drink could become part of your teatime ritual, morning or night. Overall, it is a fantastic choice for everyone who wants to support general well-being and health - without having to commit to pill-taking. It's creamy and flavoursome.

Customer Review: "This is a decent-sized tub of chaga latte; my partner already takes a chaga mushroom supplement for health reasons - so, I was keen for him to try this as he usually mixes his chaga into milk to make a latte, so this is ideal as it's readily done. This is easy to use, you just mix this with hot water or milk and mix it together well. It already contains coconut milk for creaminess and the cinnamon gives it a warming flavour. This is very tasty and my partner enjoys it as a healthy alternative to coffee, recommended."


  • Perfect as a coffee alternative
  • Vegan-friendly and 100% natural
  • Tasty, adaptogenic and nutrient-rich


  • Caffeine-free alternative to coffee
  • Taste is not for everybody

Best Chaga mushroom extract

Found in the Northern Hemisphere, Chaga mushroom grows high in the boughs of Birch trees, and traditionally, it has been used as a part of the Siberian Shaman's spiritual practice. With this Indigo Herbs Estonian Chaga Tincture, the functional mushroom has been converted into a tincture, high in antioxidants, beta-glucans and polysaccharides. Therefore, this extract can provide a wide range of benefits to support immunity, lower stress and strengthen vitality.

Customer Review: "Well, this mushroom is known as the "King" or "Diamond" of the mushrooms, due to its powerful antioxidant properties. I am trying to utilise natural products to keep my body healthy and to reduce the level of free radicals floating around in my body. There are too many toxins in the air, food and water supply, so anything natural that can remove them gets on my shopping list.

Love that this is liquid so I simply add some each morning to my coffee along with my Lion's Mane to ensure my system is in tip-top condition. Chaga is anti-viral, and anti-ageing and is an adaptogen (which means it helps to stabilise the adrenal system of the body in the event of extremes of temperature, infection, stress and more). I do not even taste it in my coffee, and it seems to silently work away in the background. I must say that I feel healthier for taking it and will continue with it as a part of my regime!"


  • Easy to take in a drink or on the tongue
  • 100% natural, vegan and GMO-free
  • Adaptogenic and full of antioxidants


  • May interact with your medication

Best Chaga supplement for immunity

For the ultimate immunity boost, try the Four Sigmatic Organic Chaga Mushroom Elixir Mix. It allows you to start your day with a strong defence, supporting overall wellness and your immune system. The Organic Chaga Mushroom is a rich antioxidant that supports immune function - and has been used for hundreds of years. Aside from the functional mushroom, this blend contains Ginseng, Rosehip and Mint, all of which can support your day.


  • Organic, caffeine-free and suitable for vegans
  • Rich in antioxidants and immune support
  • Contains several adaptogens for wellness


  • No customer review

Best Chaga face and body cream

Calm your skin with this Evolve Organic Beauty Pro+ Ectoin Soothing Cream, containing Chaga mushrooms, Camellia Oil and Ectoin. A winning combination, they reduce redness, protect skin, restore moisture and bring relief to dry, flaky and sensitive skin. Soothing, organic and ideal for sensitive skin, this moisturiser restores and protects. Even better, it's vegan-friendly, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. The Chaga mushroom extract strengthens the skin barrier.

Customer Review: "The Pro+ Ectoin Soothing Cream kept my skin hydrated all day! Its lightweight texture made it easy to apply under makeup and felt great on my skin. Itchy, dry spots and minor blemishes were noticeably improved after only a few days! Miraculous!"


  • Comforting and fragrance-free moisturiser
  • Safe to use on sensitive and irritated skin
  • Reduces redness, repairs and protects


  • May not suit all skin types

Verdict: Which is the best Chaga product?

Our top pick is the Indigo Herbs Estonian Chaga Tincture. It's easy to add to your diet, is all-natural and comes from Northern Europe, where this adaptogen has been cultivated and used as medicine for a long time. This Chaga mushroom supplement can be added to a cup of water or fruit juice each morning - and, you can't even taste it.


How often should I take Chaga?

Much like any adaptogen, the amount of Chaga you take will depend on bio-individuality or body weight, says Clarissa at DIRTEA, “so it’s always advisable to start with a small dose and gradually increase it to personal tolerance.” As a general rule, Chaga can be taken daily, in whichever form you prefer – for at least four weeks to experience any benefits, at around 2g a day (for most of us).

Can Chaga mushroom supplements interact with other medications?

With all medications, Spirit & Destiny recommends speaking to a health professional before you buy.

After all, Chaga may interact with something you’re already taking – and knowledge is a little lacking, as “research on functional mushrooms is still in its relative infancy,” says Clarissa Berry at DIRTEA. She adds: “Many interactions have not yet been documented, nor has the safety of Chaga during pregnancy or breastfeeding.”

Why are antioxidants important for the body?

Antioxidants are important for the body, says Clarissa at DIRTEA, as they “protect cells from damage caused by free radicals and other reactive molecules.” Essentially, antioxidants are molecules that can neutralise any highly reactive free radicals, preventing oxidative stress, which “can easily damage cells, proteins and DNA”. Therefore, trusty antioxidants protect our cells from any damage.

Though our bodies produce some antioxidants, we should be supplementing ourselves with some extra, for a little boost, in our diet. Aside from enjoying antioxidant-rich food and drink – such as fruit and vegetables, you can supply yourself with antioxidants with Chaga mushroom supplements.

Can Chaga mushrooms be used for skincare?

While it may surprise you to hear that mushrooms can help our skin, is it really surprising? Coming equipped with beautifying properties, adaptogen Chaga’s supply of antioxidants “neutralise free radicals, helping to reduce cell damage and slow skin ageing,” says Clarissa from DIRTEA. She adds that Chaga is a food source rich in the skin pigment melanin, which offers UV protection.

What makes mushrooms different to other types of supplements?

Functional mushrooms are known as adaptogens, meaning “they provide the body with tools to better cope with stress and help to bring the body into a state of harmony,” says Clarissa. Used for thousands of years in traditional medicine, functional mushrooms are safe to consume, with the intent to strengthen both body and mind, creating harmony. Clarissa calls this a “balanced action.”

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