Best salt lamp to create a relaxing space in your home

These natural minerals make a beautiful glow in your home.

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It's important to create a calming atmosphere and a relaxing space within your home to give you somewhere to unwind. Mood lighting can do just that and the best salt lamp, or Himalayan salt lamp, will provide you with the relaxation you're aspiring to achieve. Not only do they emit a beautiful warm and comforting glow, but they're also a point of interest within a room.

Made from salt crystals and carved from amber-coloured rock salt sourced from the Himalayas, these are hollowed out so a bulb can be placed inside to create a stunning lamp. As they're made from natural minerals, they also carry healing properties and therefore have some surprising interesting health benefits.

What are the benefits of a salt lamp?

As they consist of natural minerals, Himalayan salt lamps certainly have their benefits. Not only can they promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and enhance your mood but they can also purify the air around you. This is due to the fact that salt is a mineral that absorbs moisture, so a salt lamp is an incredible natural dehumidifier. With consistent use, you may also find that a salt lamp eases symptoms of asthma and allergies.

10 best salt lamps

At Spirit & Destiny, we take a look at some of the best salt lamps we could find. Here are the best Himalayan salt lamps to create a beautiful atmosphere within your home.

Best traditional salt lamp

Rrp: £19.99

Price: £16.99


A traditional style of Himalayan salt lamp, this one from Amazon is highly rated. Featuring a

Best white salt lamp

Rrp: £13.00

Price: £13.00


While Himalayan salt lamps are generally amber or pink in colour, this one from Amazon has

Best angel salt lamp


For a feeling of protection, a Himalayan salt lamp carved as an angel may offer you some peace.

Best cat salt lamp
Price: £19.95


An adorable novelty, this cat salt lamp would look at home in any room, and each design is totally

Best designed salt lamp


Featuring an intricate carving of a tree, this Himalayan salt rock is unique in design. Carved

Best moon salt lamp


So, you've heard of [moon

Best cottagecore salt lamp


Inspired by nature, this cute little mushroom lamp is ideal for any fan of the outdoors. Bring the

Best colour changing salt lamp
Price: £15 (was £25)


There are a few options to select from at

Best tower salt lamp


Standing proud, this obelisk salt lamp wouldn't look out of place within [your crystal

Best mini salt lamp


If you're looking for a lamp on the smaller side that won't take up much room but you're still

Our verdict on the best salt lamp

In our opinion, we think the best would have to be the Original Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp from Amazon, due to its universal design. If you're looking for a traditional lamp in both design and colour, this one is for you. Additionally, it has thousands of reviews with an overwhelming amount of positive ones.


Do salt lamps leak?

Yes, it's normal for these lamps to leak saltwater. Due to the fact that salt absorbs moisture from the air, occasionally the water collected by the mineral may leak. Be sure to put your lamp on a protective surface, move any wires away, turn the lamp off and clear away excess water with a cloth.

Are salt lamps safe for pets?

Unfortunately, salt lamps are toxic to pets. Therefore, avoid any decorative items made from salt if there are animals who may have access to them in your home. If your pet is showing symptoms of sodium poisoning, be sure to contact your vet urgently.

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