How to switch off from work

Relax and unwind with the best products to switch off from work.


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Sometimes instead of counting sheep, your mind counts the data on your latest spreadsheet. For most of us, spending so much of our day working leaves our minds overstimulated. In order to help you relax after a busy day, we've rounded up the best products to help you switch off from work.

With many of us working from home, our work and home lives have become increasingly difficult to separate. Overworking to prove ourselves is unhealthy for our wellbeing. That's why it's so important to establish healthy boundaries and a healthy balance when it comes to our working lives.

How to switch off from work

Set boundaries

Now that a lot of us are working from home, we often find ourselves logged in much longer than necessary. When you find yourself working overtime, ask yourself, 'can what I'm working on wait until tomorrow?'

Take regular breaks

Having some time away from the task you're working on can help you revisit it with a clearer mind. Make sure you're refuelling with regular snacks and a proper lunch throughout the day.

Give yourself time off

Make sure to take holidays, as they're extremely important for your mental health. It'll also help you to work more productively, as you'll return to work feeling refreshed.

Do some yoga

As well as promoting movement, yoga also focuses on breathwork, which can help serve as a distraction from those thoughts and worries that won't stop bouncing around your head.

Try meditation

A useful tool that helps to shift the focus from our thoughts to things like breathing and posture, guided meditation, in particular, can help with connection, grounding and awareness of our physical selves.

Go for a walk

If you've got time after work, going for a walk and getting some fresh air is definitely recommended. Not only does it count as exercise, which may help you sleep better, but it's also great for clearing your head when you're feeling stressed.


Writing your worries down in a wellness journal, or reminding yourself of positive affirmations can be cathartic. As well as helping you to feel organised and set goals, they're a tool for you to express yourself on the page.

Switch to decaf

Caffeine is a stimulant that has been linked to anxiety and insomnia, which is exactly what you should avoid if you find it difficult to relax before bed. Try a relaxing cup of caffeine-free tea instead.

Separate your space

When you're starting to associate your bedroom with your work office, it'll make getting to sleep a lot more challenging. Have a room where you can work away from the areas you use to relax and unwind.

Create a relaxing bedtime environment

Light some candles, spray some lavender pillow mist or use essential oils. Do whatever you can to make your bedroom a space where you can relax.

Have a bath

Proven to help ease tension, increase blood flow and relieve stress. A bath is a way for you to wash away the worries of the day. Make it a sensory experience by feeling the bubbles against your skin.

Turn off your devices at night

Switch off your devices before bed - screens can have a stimulating effect on the brain. Artificial light affects the production of melatonin, making it harder to sleep. Make sure your room is nice and dark, or use a sleep mask to help your body produce the sleep hormone melatonin.

Read before bed

A book is a good way for us to get into a state of relaxation. Ending our day on a positive note, especially by reading wellbeing books resets our mindset for the next day.

The best products to switch off from work

At Spirit & Destiny, we've rounded up the best products to switch off from work. From essential oils to body lotions, these products are designed to help you relax after a hard day of work.

Best sheet mask to switch off from work

A thermal charcoal mask is exactly what you need after a stressful day. Lay this across your face when relaxing in the bath, or while in bed and feel as it gently heats up. Applying a warm sensation to your sinuses and forehead may also help to clear up any tension while detoxifying your skin.

• Suitable for all skin types
• Contains natural oils such as kaolin and myrrh oil
• Not tested on animals
• Sold separately as opposed to a pack

Review: "Just what was needed. Feels amazing when you put it on your skin, and your skin feels so cleansed afterwards."

Best pillow spray to switch off from work
Price: $16.79

Adding some pillow spray can make your bedroom a relaxing environment and allow your brain to associate your bedroom as a place for sleep. Especially pillow sprays containing lavender or camomile, as these have been proven to have a positive effect on relaxation and sleep.

• Derived from natural extracts
• Uses essential oils
• Cruelty-free

• Lavender isn't very apparent, but still a pleasing scent

Tried and tested by Commercial Content Writer, Samantha Price. Sam said, "This pillow spray by Feather & Down is divine. The lavender isn't overpowering and is mixed with a wood-based scent which I'm such a fan of. I spray some of this on my pillow before bed whenever I'm in need of some relaxation."

Best tea selection to switch off from work

A cup of tea doesn't solve all of your problems, but it definitely helps. Why not invest in some decaf tea to help you unwind? Choose from decaffeinated Earl Grey, English Breakfast or Green Tea, with a selection of biscuits too. Delightfully packaged, this set also contains a stainless steel tea bag tidy.

• Great value for what's included
• Delightful packaging
• All decaffeinated

• Small range of tea

Review: "Fast delivery, well packaged as it was glass and good product range. Teas are awesome and pyramid bags are a real treat."

Best body lotion to switch off from work

After indulging in a nice bath, applying the Sleepy Body Lotion by Lush will put you in a state of total relaxation. Containing essential oils such as lavender to give the lotion its iconic scent - this is a product that has received reviews about increasing the quality of sleep.

• Different capacities available
• Derived from natural ingredients and essential oils
• Vegan-friendly

• Strong smell isn't for everyone

Review: "I received this cream today, I've just used it after a nice warm bath, accompanied with the sleepy bath bomb and the shower gel... and wow. I'm not one for writing reviews but I felt I had to review this one. The smell is truly amazing and I feel so relaxed."

Best bath product to switch off from work
Price: $33.32
Alternative retailers
Walmart$46.28View offer

This lavender bath milk from Weleda leaves the mind, body and spirit feeling nourished. Simply add a few caps to your bath before bed and allow the relaxing properties to take effect. As well as putting you in a state of relaxation, it'll also leave your skin feeling soft.

Certified natural and organic ingredients
• Makes skin feel soft
• Vegan friendly

• Small for the price

Review: "This is sooo relaxing. You just pour a bit in once your bath is ready. It smells lovely, but not overpowering. It makes for a very nice relaxing bath!"

Best yoga mat to switch off from work
Price: £31.50 (was £35)

A great way to help you reconnect with your mind and body, engaging in yoga after work - allowing you to shift the attention back to your movement and your breath. Whether it's taking a class or learning from home, getting a yoga mat like this will provide cushioning for the soles of your feet while practising. 

• Great selection of designs to choose from
• Rivals competitive brands
• Anti-slip mat

• More expensive than some mats, but worth it!

Review: "Beautiful designs, great quality. I love the vibrant colours and the beautiful design. Very happy with this purchase! Arrived very quickly and great quality."

Best noise cancelling earphones to switch off from work

Rrp: $59.99

Price: $33.98
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Walmart$39.99View offer

Want to escape background noise? Listen to your favourite podcast or indulge in your music, then these noise-cancelling wireless earphones are a great way for you to do so. Easy to connect to your phone, you'll be listening to that classical music playlist in no time.

• Noise cancelling technology
• No wires to get tangled
• Battery life is great

• Some reported fit issues with earbuds

Review: "I work from home with kids running around after school the noise cancelling feature was great. They worked really well blocking the chatter."

Best comfort pillow to switch off from work

Cuddle up on the couch with a full body pillow that you can lie on or wrap around you to give you the biggest hug. Sleeping with this pillow has reportedly been great for those with aches and pains, as it has been designed to support and align your body as you sleep.

• Ergonomically designed by experts
• Filled with hypoallergenic hollowfibre
• Pillow and cover machine washable

• Expensive

Review: "Great for sleeping on your side and hugging. Very supportive on your neck. It's also good to use on the sofa. Twist it round the back of your head for support and circle it round to the front. Very cosy."

Best essential oil to switch off from work

Whether you want to incorporate this blend of essential oils into your bedtime routine by doing a scalp massage, applying it to your pillowcase or adding a few drops to your bath, its dreamy scent helps you relax. This blend is crafted from lavender, basil and jasmine.

• Versatile uses
• Helps to promote relaxation
• 100 per cent natural

• Need to use a carrier oil when applying directly to the skin

Review: "I put this on for an hour before I go to bed, the room has the most inviting relaxing feel about it. Always get to sleep without any trouble."

Best wellness journal to switch off from work

Authored by psychologist and psychotherapist, Corrine Sweet, The Anxiety Journal Book allows you to let your worries out onto the page. For learning coping strategies when things get a little stressful, this journal is all that and more. Giving you projects to work towards, daily affirmations and a reminder to take a break is exactly what you need when you're overworked.

• Encourages you to take care of your mental health
• Gives you projects to work towards
• Teaches CBT strategies to help with anxiety

• More daily exercises would be beneficial

Review: "A good little read when you are suffering with anxiety, teaches you lots of little tricks to calm your mind. Worth purchasing for sure!"

Best candle to switch off from work

As well as being homemade with love, these candles are derived from organic ingredients with no added toxins. Containing natural lavender and camomile, these vegan-friendly candles are sure to provide an evening of unwinding. As these are wood wick burners, it means they're likely to make that gorgeous crackling sound as they burn as an added bonus.

• Sustainable packaging
• Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free
• Made from organic soy wax and essential oils

• We can't think of any!

Review: "I think I have just found my new favourite candle! I have only had it a week and I've burned through a good portion of it already. The candle looks so beautiful, smells gorgeous and it is value for money and worth it. I have really bad insomnia so I find it really hard to sleep but burning this candle for 2 hours before I sleep puts me in a deep sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow!"

The effect that overworking can have on our health

Overworking can result in a number of negative impacts on our physical and mental health. From headaches to stress, weakened immune systems to hormonal imbalances, there are so many reasons to set healthy boundaries when working.

We consulted with award-winning emotions coach, podcast host and author, Jo Wheatly, who discussed the effects that overworking can have on your health and why switching off is important.

Jo Wheatly explained, "Switching off helps us to connect with our families and friends, to engage in the things that bring us joy and prevent burnout. It's important because it enables us to recharge and recenter ourselves to be ready for the next day."

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